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Blogging! Every new blogger starts thinking that by just posting a blog post they will be able to get a ton of traffic on their blog post, they think it’s an overnight thing. But we know that this is not the truth. 

Nobody will know about your blog post unless you make them aware of it, for that you need to promote your blog post. 

Blog Promotion is as important as writing blog posts because the main aim of creating a blog is to bring traffic to your blogs.

In this blog post, you will get your hands on 13 ways to promote your blog post

While talking to some experienced bloggers in this industry, I got to know that you need to spend only 20% of the time writing your content and 80% of the time promoting it. 

This is the main reason many bloggers hire content writers to write their blog posts. This saves their writing time and can spend this time vigorously promoting their blog posts. 

Ways to Promote Your Blog Post 

1. Facebook

The journey of most bloggers to promote blog posts starts here on Facebook. There are many groups on Facebook that work on the concept of exchanging traffic. So, before writing this I thought of giving it a try. 

And the results were neither too bad nor too good. I got 14 page views just from Facebook within one hour of posting a blog post. These are the results of a new blog I started 1 month ago.

These are the number of users and sessions page views and users vary. 

I posted the link to my article in 5 groups that did not contain a very large number of people. They were groups with 2k to 3k people each. 

But there is a con in this, just for exchanging traffic some people do visit your site but exit suddenly. This has an effect on your time duration and bounce rate. 

So, just for bringing initial traffic, it is good but not for bringing traffic when you start getting organic traffic from Google itself. 

After these groups, there are also other ways to promote your blog post on Facebook

For instance, you can create your own Facebook group or page and provide value on those pages and increase followers there. 

This traffic will be your targeted audience and also will help you to grow your traffic and conversions. 

2. Instagram 

We all know that Instagram reels are going viral and everyone needs to take a chance on it as soon as possible. 

There is a con to Instagram that you can only post a link at one place that is in your bio. Except that you can post it on your story but it disappears after 24 hours.

You can post reels on Instagram related to your content and make them go viral. If 100 people see your reel and you have 10% conversion still you get 10 people on your website every 100 views. 

Isn’t that crazy? When you start making reels consistently, there are more chances that people start recognizing you and follow you on Instagram. 

In this way, you can create your own audience on Instagram as well. You can use these audiences to send traffic to your blog or to make affiliate commissions out of a certain product. 

Instagram does not like sending people out of its platform. Thus the reason they do not allow links at many places there. 

On Instagram, you can also directly put the link of the affiliate item that you are promoting and make a small reel of that product. There you can directly sell on Instagram. 

Instagram gives you an opportunity to promote your blog posts, rising your conversion rate and also increase your personal branding through it.

3. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a very powerful platform to promote your blog posts. 

Recently, LinkedIn has been giving a lot of organic reach on the platform if you post regularly and give value. 

Here on LinkedIn, you need to build connections, just make sure to connect with the people who have the same interests as you. 

On this platform, it is very easy to get connections. After you build some connections, start giving value to your connections. But keep your post public. 

Keep your name or company name very professional. You need to add keywords of your niche in your bio so that people could find you on LinkedIn even when they search for the keyword. 

When you keep your post public, everyone can see your post, and suppose if people like and comment on your post, you tend to get more reach on LinkedIn. 

When you create images or videos for your LinkedIn account make sure they are very simple and legible with vibrant and formal colors. Do not use very vigorous colors or else people will skip your videos or images. 

I have seen accounts driving 30k to 40k people every single month from LinkedIn to their blog posts. 

Just remember that LinkedIn is a place for serious people. So, do not share memes and comedy videos there, or else your blog promotion will not be successful. 

Posting twice every day would work perfectly fine. 

LinkedIn also has a feature where you can write posts. Use this feature. This is a very good feature and has a very good reach too. Just remember to be consistent. 

4. Pinterest 

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Pinterest is a platform that bloggers are using to drive millions of traffic to their websites every single month. 

Pinterest is a very good platform to promote blogs which are in the beauty, fashion, home decor, food, health, and fitness niches ( these are the most famous niches on Pinterest) but other niches are also getting good results from Pinterest. 

Almost 70% of the audience on Pinterest are female and the rest 30% are male. So, promoting content that is female-oriented is the best thing on Pinterest. 

Even if you are not in any of these niches, you can still give it a try. 

For using Pinterest to promote your blog post, you need to understand the Pinterest Algorithm like Google, Pinterest also changes its algorithm every few months. 

But just like you learn SEO, you need to learn Pinterest SEO too. 

You must remember these points to promote your blog post on Pinterest. 

You need to optimize your bio according to the niche you are in. For example, if your niche is gardening then you have to mention in your bio that you are a gardener. 

In short, you need to add keywords to your bio. 

Now, you have to create some amazing images and pin them on Pinterest. You can use canva.com for creating amazing images. 

Enable rich pins on your Pinterest account. Rich Pins has a great significance in increasing the engagement of your content. 

When you are consistent on Pinterest you can easily reach up to 25k sessions per month on your blog within 4-5 months. 

You need to post 5-15 pins daily and maintain this every single day. Also, try to create ideal pins that are in demand like reels, and increase engagement instantly. 

The benefit of promoting your content on Pinterest is you can place a link on every single post. So, whenever someone clicks on your pin they can visit your blog post. 

You can also promote your blog posts on group boards on Pinterest. Group boards have the potential of sending an audience to your blog from the first day itself. 

Also, Pinterest has most of the audience from the US. So, this will be beneficial from the monetary aspect.

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5. Build Backlinks 

Backlinks are a part of off-page SEO. This is also a way to promote your blog post. You can build backlinks in several ways. We all know that building backlinks are extremely important for SEO. 

When you build backlinks people can visit your blog post from the backlinks and this is also a kind of blog promotion. 

Also, backlinks increase the authority of the website that will help you rank your blog post. 

In short, when link juice passes from an authorized website to another website, then it gives a good positive signal to search engines about your website.

You can also start guest posting on other websites. This will make things a lot easier and will give you a chance to build good-quality backlinks.

6. Asking Influencers to Promote Your Blog Post 

Whenever you write about someone in your blog post, quickly DM them and let them know about your blog post. 

In this way, there is an 80% chance that they will mention your content either on their post or on their social media accounts. 

This will lead to a lot of traffic to your blog post. 

Remember to write the content in your niche. Do not jump to another niche only because they have more follower count than yours. 

This is the best way to reach a wide audience and also increase your page views. 

7. Quora 

Quora is an amazing source of traffic. Whenever I start a new blog I always start with driving traffic from Quora. 

Quora is a question and answer platform where you answer the queries of other people and smartly insert the link of your blog post. 

You can add your link in 1 out of every 3-4 answers. If you keep adding your links in every answer Quora will ban your account immediately. 

Quora can also help you to find topics suitable for your blog posts. 

You can also ask a question and insert a link in your question. 

Quora space is an area on Quora where you can create your own space and write blog posts and answer questions of your group members. 

You can easily get 1k-3k page views every single month from Quora itself. 

8. Reddit 

Reddit is a platform with 7.5M visitors every single month. On Reddit, you can join and create groups in your niche and add value as well as take value from them. 

Not every Reddit group is allowed to spam your links on every post. You have to do it in moderation and your post will be accepted by the group admins. 

You can also create your own group where you can promote your blog posts and solve queries. 

Reddit has subreddits where you can always add value by putting your links. You can also create videos and images just like you do on Facebook. 

When you earn more karma on Reddit you get more exposure and reach on your post. Your post can even go viral sometimes. 

9. Twitter 

Twitter is a free source to promote your blog post. On Twitter, you need to strategically plan your blog posts and tweet them. 

Try to include photos and quotes in your tweet. Use good hashtags. These hashtags must be related to your niche and try to reach as many audiences as possible. 

Sometimes people do not click on your link as it is not compelling enough. So, you need to get your headlines correct and compelling enough to click on your link. 

You have to learn properly to structure your titles in a strategic way and informative way. Twitter is an amazing way to promote your blog posts. 

10. Build Email List 

Making an email list is very important to promote your blog posts. You need to build an email list for that same purpose. 

Email lists are efficient to bring traffic to your blog, make affiliate sales, get more conversions and get more exposure. 

You need to learn to Copywrite for this. You can also outsource your email content on Fiverr or Upwork. There are many gigs that can help you to write click-worthy emails. 

For collecting emails, you can either give a free video lecture, free pdf, free printables, or other freebies. This is the most popular way to get email subscribers for your blog. 

The more subscribers on your email list the more traffic you get on your blog. People love free stuff. The more value you give, the more your blog will grow and the more conversions you will get. 

Emails are also important because it is the only way to connect to your viewers. You can also give them offers and content on your anniversaries and birthdays. 

11. SEO 

This is also important to promote your blog post. All these above processes are fast and efficient. SEO is a slow process to promote your blog posts. 

Search engine optimization or SEO is a long game to be played. 

As for beginners, try using long-tail keywords as they are easy to rank. Start with on-page SEO properly. 

You can install any SEO optimizing tool like rank math, Yoast SEO, All in one SEO, and check all the things to get maximum on-page SEO correct. 

Seo is a vast topic. You can either learn that skill or hire an SEO expert to control all your SEO settings. 

SEO has two types. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. 

Your on-page SEO problems can be solved using all the above tools. 

For off-page SEO, you need to promote your content heavily and create backlinks. When you get traffic from outside, Google gets a signal that it is good content and ranks it further.

12. YouTube 

YouTube is a platform where you can promote your blog posts heavily. Make videos on your niche and add your blog post link in the description and from there you will be able to convert your videos views into your page views, thus conversions a well.

This is a very effective way to create a second income source.

YouTube is also a source of immense knowledge and when combined with blogging gives miraculous results. 

Many established bloggers have started their channels on YouTube. YouTube also helps in establishing the brand and authority of your blog. 

You can use your YouTube videos in your blog post and mention your blog posts in the videos and work simultaneously. 

This will also benefit a lot on the SEO of your blog. 

People have started consuming more video content so blogging plus making videos is the best way to promote your blog and gain authority in your niche. 

13. Paid Ads 

As many new bloggers do not have the budget to run ads at the starting of their blogging journey, I have kept this blog promotion technique at the end. 

There are many types of paid ads that you can run on many platforms. 

Facebook Ads is the most popular running paid ad to get traffic to your blog and to promote your blog. 

Along with Facebook ads, you can find targeted audiences on Instagram, Linkedin ( if you want some professional clients), Quora, and many other platforms. 

Google Ads are also a good option to promote your blog posts but it is a little on the higher price side. Google Ads directly show on the top when anyone searches something on the search engine. 

This might get irritating for some but people do click on them. On average, you have to spend $25-$30 every day if you want to show your ads in the US. 

Facebook and Instagram Ads are cheaper than Google Ads. 

Though this is a paid option, it’s worth it if you are selling some high ticket courses or affiliate products. 


These are the many ways you can promote your blog posts. The main aim of blogging is to bring quality traffic to your blog by any source or medium. 

So, now you do not have to sit idle after publishing a blog post. Promote your blog post heavily and enjoy the traffic. 

Blog promotion is very necessary because it takes a lot of time for your blog post to rank and get some organic traffic to it. 

Write in the comments which blog promotion platforms you are already using? And what is your Result in it?

12 FREE Ways To Promote Your Blog Post is written by Shailja Ojha. She is really great at her craft and I really got impressed by her writing skills. Also if you want to learn something related to Digital Marketing then do check out her Blogs

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