7 Top Indian Blogger, Income, Story of success – Hookycrash

7 Top Indian Blogger, Income, Story of success - Hookycrash

Do you want to know the top Indian bloggers?

So, here I have comprehensively covered the top Indian blogger’s list which will help you to stay motivated and help you to learn something new in the field of digital marketing.

Now, there are hundreds and thousands of Indian bloggers who are successfully running their blogs. But, All the bloggers do not share their income reports or do not that much viral online. That’s why they all are not considered in that list. 

So I made this list of top Indian bloggers, not on the basis of their income, ranking, and all. 

They all are, truly, based on their inspirational story and what you can learn from them? which will help you to stay motivated in the field of blogging. 

Now, the one thing I need to make you clear about is that nothing is called top Indian bloggers, and all it’s truly based on what you can learn from it.

There are other fields as well, like social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing Etc. But in this blog post, I am going to truly focused on blogging

I feel blogging is the most dynamic field on the internet. Because nowadays blogging is growing day by day and it also becomes so competitive that it is hard to stay inside the blogging industry. 

So for that, you need to stay motivated in order to stay consistent and focused in your field or Niche and be a successful blogger. 

Now, if you consider the top bloggers in the world, there are plenty of bloggers. But to make it more specific for the Indian audience. I want to make it a top Indian blogger so that the people of India can relate to their life and their inspirational story and can take inspiration from them to stay motivated and do hard work in their Niche and can also be successful bloggers. 

So without wasting further time let’s get into the top Indian bloggers’ list.

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Amit Agarwal 

About  – Amit Agarwal is a computer science engineer by professional but after getting too much into to corporate rat race finally, he decided to quit his corporate engineering job and decided to continue blogging as a full-time career option 

In 2004 he quit his job and pursuit blogging to become an early adopter of blogging to become the first Indian professional blogger 

Amit is an web genius, also google has awarded him as google developer expert and he is also awarded 5 times in a row as a Most Valuable Professional by Microsoft 

When he started his career, as a full-time blogger. And that period of time, no one can expect the real worth of the blogging industry. So at that point in time, it was also at a risk that no one could imagine the worth of it.

But, As a futuristic person, he really believes in himself and pursued his blogging as a full-time career option. And now, he is one of the top best Indian bloggers. 

And he also built a successful umpire on the internet, which is incredibly awesome. 

So the one thing we can learn from it is that you have to believe in yourself, no matter what and when it happens 

So when he started blogging, no one was really there to believe in the blogging industry in 2004. Still, he did it and now you can see the result.

Website – labnol.org 

Monthly income – 100k (approximately) /month

Harsh Agarwal – 

He’s one of the top Indian bloggers who successfully running his blog from very long period of time. 

He successfully owns a Blog called shoutmeloud.com. 

The main intention of his blogs is to make people aware about digital marketing. So his blogs are totally based on digital marketing and he teaches people about blogging content, marketing, social media marketing, 

And also from basic to Advanced tips for blogging WordPress, SEO, content, writing extra. 

So has a blogger, he has not only stuck with one source of income, he has multiple sources of income like he is also a YouTuber blogger, affiliate, marketer, etc, these are his main sources of income. 

His blog posts are totally based on how to blog post for blogging podcasting, YouTube being Etc. It also deals with increasing traffic to your website, or increasing sales for your brand. 

So if you want to learn something related to SEO, social media, marketing content marketing, 

Then you can definitely follow him to know more about this.

Website – shoutmeloud.com 

Income – 41k (approximately) /month

Amit bhawani –

He’s one of the top Tech Indian bloggers. 

He is successfully owning a amitbhiwani.com blog where he shares his internet and Tech related information so that people can learn more about tech stuff from his blog. 

As usual, all the top Indian bloggers that I am mentioning in this blog post, they all are early adopters which means they have started their blogging career when no one else is believing in blogging as a full-time option. So, obviously their name in this list is worth it. 

He started his blogging career seriously in 2007, when he actually realized the worth of the internet and blogging. So he started blogging on a serious note, and eventually, after doing it on a consistent basis, sharing his knowledge about tech in his blogs. He started getting a good amount of responses from the audience which helped him to stay motivated in his path. And now he’s one of the top Indian bloggers in the list.

Along his business career, he has started three companies. 

  1. Digital World solution – Which deals with web development. Designing management, extra. 

  1. The social world – Which is basically an SEO related company. 

  1.  Host brain software private limited (closed) 

So it’s not like he has achieved success overnight. He has tried and tested so many things out of which blogging worked for him really well and now he is a successful Tech blogger of India. 

He also provides services to its clients like Web designing Services, web hosting service, content writing, service block building and Management Service SEO service block consultancy, etc.

Website – amitbhawani.com 

Estimated income – 21k /month 

Shradha Sharma – 

Shradha Sharma is the founder and CEO of yourstory.com. She is one of the top Indian bloggers and women entrepreneurs.

This blog basically deals with the inspirational stories and bio’s of entrepreneur and successful people around

The main part of his blogs is that it has over 12 different languages of India, including Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, Oriya, and Assamese.

The main intention of this blog is to inspire people through the internet. And to create upcoming new entrepreneurs and business owners. 

So this blog acts as a motivational piece of value for the upcoming generation from whom they can take knowledge and inspiration which make them feel motivated to do their stuff. 

So having this kind of blogger really helps the people to stay connected with their passion and to evolve themselves for the upcoming generation.

Website – yourstory.com 

Estimated income – 40k /month 

Deepak kanagaraju – 

Deepak kanagaraju is one of the top Indian bloggers who make approximately over 140k a month from his blog.

He considers himself as a bike blogger because he started his first blog on bike review and after getting a couple of positive responses on his blog he started getting attracted towards it but at that point of time, he didn’t know that he can make money out of it.

He was just doing it to see people’s positive response and spending a couple of months into his blogging he came to know about keywords research, SEO, ads. Etc. which caught his eyes

Then he decided or realized the actual potential of blogging and he started pursuing it as a full-time career option and now his decision is worth it

After successfully running his bike review website, he sold it, and now he is running a blog called digitaldeepak.com.

His current website deals with digital marketing stuff, where he teaches people about digital marketing as a whole.

His main source of income is through ads, selling course (email marketing), affiliate marketing, etc.

Website – digitaldeepak.com 

Estimated income – 140k /month 

 Ankit Singla

Aniket singla is the top indian blogger who started his blogging career when he was 17 years old and till now he has 11 years of blogging experience in his niche or field 

Now as he has 11 years if blogging experience, he teaches people how to make six-figures of earning from their blogs as well like he does

He is successfully running a blog called masterblogging.com where he teaches people related to digital marketing tips and tricks. 

When he started his blogging career it took him 2 years to identify the real potential of blogging as well he made some penny after spending 2 years on it.

After getting some income from it, he started pursuing blogging as full-time.

And now he owns different types of blogs in different niches which obviously lead to multiple sources of income

But his main source of income is via ads, affiliate marketing, and by selling courses.

Website – masterblogging.com 

Estimated income – 10k /month 

Pritam Nagrale 

Pritam nagrale is also the top Indian blogger who successfully made over 1 million US dollars in his entire blogging career which is really an awesome thing 

He is a tried and tested blogger who had tried so many types of blogs but got failed and now he is successfully running a blog called moneyconnexion.com 

He first heard the word digital marketing in 2001 and it took him 2 years to earn his first penny from affiliate and by 2007 he get to know by ads and make decent amounts from it 

But got failed in the long run and after that he also tried so many other types of blogs as well but they also didn’t work for him 

Finally he started a brand new blog call moneyconnexion in 2012 and eventually got slow and steady success in it 

Now this is his main blog, which teaches or provide knowledge about digital marketing 

Website – moneyconnexion.com

Estimated income – 1 million dollar over all 

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