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7 Notable Techniques to Write a Blog Consistently - Hookycrash


Blogging consistently is not rocket science, its a process of staying connected with your blog and providing good value content for readers. It is very important for every beginner to stay consistent with their blog to get into right direction in long run.

One thing I want to make you clear about is everyone is a human being, so it’s not like every successful blogger stay always consistent with their blogs all the time.

Then you might think about why this blog is necessary for you?? This blog will help you maximize your consistency and thus you will procrastinate or distract less as compared to before.

Blogging consistently means not regularly putting out content on your blog, it means putting our content on an equal time interval.

Everyone in this world has their our problems and challenges, so it is not possible for everyone to post 1 blog post a day or 4 times a week, etc. 

So I am letting this option open for you to decide how many blog posts you want to publish in a week but, “WAIT” don’t decide it now stay till the end because I will share my practical ways to figure out the number of a blog post you need to publish and how frequently you need to update blogs.

To be honest, as I am writing this blog that doesn’t  mean I always stay consistent with my blog, I too face a lot of problems with it, and now after trying so many different things throughout the years I finally made this blog, because now I feel that I got a flow where now I can say that I am consistent with my blog

Let’s know about the challenges which don’t allow us to blog consistently (including me)

Binge-watching – This is one of the biggest reasons why we can’t focus on writing our blog. Before start writing a blog we think let’s just watch a 2 min video and that ultimately end up in 2 hours, thus we get distracted from blogging

Procrastinate – Most of the time we randomly procrastinate on writing blogs and started doing other activities.

Disappointed with yourself – You might be disappointed in yourself because you procrastinate and are distracted from your blogging, which leads to another reason for you do not blog consistently.

Personal life problems – Everyone has their own personal issues which are disturbing and distracting you.

Got something excited to do – At that point in time you feel other things are most exciting and interesting than writing a blog (boring)

Lack of motivation – Less traffic, no blogging growth, or other reasons might make you feel demotivated

Over expectation – Sometimes you expect more from your blog and in the end, you get opposite from what you expect will lead to disappointment.

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Now, let’s know the following 7 Notable Techniques to Write a Blog Consistently 

Identify Your Problems –

Every problem cannot be solved in the same ways everyone does, and it varies from person to person. 

Ultimately you only have to solve your problem, this blog will just help you to dig out to the solution which already exists inside you. 

When I started my blog I didn’t have any clue about writing blogs, SEO, consistency, etc. I just saw a random youtube video “HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE” although I was doing nothing productive, so I thought why not give it a try.

And that’s how it started. At this point in time, I use to write one blog post a month, basic on my mood because I didn’t know the actual worth of blogging.

But slowly and steadily I came to know what is my real problem which not letting me do blog consistently and my problem was oversleeping, procrastination, phone notification, all sort of silly excuses.

How do I identify it? That the real question 

I use to forcefully sit to write blogs and I can’t complete them, this used to continue for very while and I put a brake on it, and started observing my activity and problem. 

As I said my problem was very silly but some people might face a real big problem which also had a similar solution, which I covered in the upcoming points, that how to become a lazy person to a consistent blogger 

Allot Time-Slot

All the tips and tricks I wrote in this blog I personally tried and tested by me and it really got an awesome result.

So the first thing I do to kick start my work is to plan and allot a specific time slot to write a piece of the paragraph. This trick really helps me to get clear in my mind that what I have to do in that time slot so that there is less chance of getting distracted.

Here is the blog writing example – If I planned to write a 2000 words blog then rather than writing “ blog writing” on the to-do list, I prefer to write a “ write 500 words blog – (9. am to 10. am). 

This helps me to be more precise about what I am supposed to do.

Instead of overwhelming yourself, be gentle and slow down your process 

When I saw a motivational video, I really got charged up and I started thinking like I am going to kill it and assign myself a lot many things but after some time when my motivation starts reducing, I look at my To-do list and feel shit… and at the end, I didn’t even complete any one of those.

I want you to never make this mistake as I did in my past.

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Fool Your Brain  

Sometimes it is very hard to get things done in a given period of time. 

So for example, if you decided a time slot where you want to do the task, but when you actually sit on the desktop to do that particular task, as you feel very lazy and very tired, and you procrastinate that work and you end up getting distracted from your goal. 

Almost every time I sit on my desktop to blog writing I always feel the same.

Whenever I face this type of situation while writing a Blog I simply use the 5-second rule. 

The five-second rule says, Countdown backward from five to one. 

And at the count of one, you should get up from wherever you are and start working on whatever you decided. So I always follow this principle and I count in my mind, 5 4, 3, 2, 1, get set, and go. And at the moment when I say go, I really mean it and get up from my bed and start sitting on my desktop and open it and start working on it whatever I decided. 

The point of explaining this is, 

You should at least start. 

Most of the time we decide we will do stuff. When we sit there actually will end up getting disappointed and I think that is a lot of stuff remaining and we have not even started. So the point of using the five-second rule is that we at least get started. And once we started, we should have a small goal like writing 100 words first. 

Or you can have in your mind that you will write your blog just for the next five minutes. And once you started, then, the five minutes will automatically extend up to 10, 20, 30, 40, Etc. So the biggest-ever task is to get started which the five-second rule will help you to get started. All you can use any methods or tricks, which you feel are working for you just to get started with your work.

The basic idea of writing a blog consistently is by having a blog writing format with you so that you’ll at least know what to do next.

Avoid Overstuffing

As the point says do not overtask yourself and overthink it.

The biggest problem is that we always want to do a lot many things but this is not at all practical most of the time.

At the start, if you feel that you can easily complete 5 tasks a day still you need to assign yourself 2-3 tasks because the more you assign tasks the more you will get overwhelmed as the motivation starts falling but at the same time if you have less work then your brain will automatically motivation you to do at least some of the tasks

And this is totally OK, it takes time.

Another point I want to discuss is that of overthinking, once we decided what to do and when to do it, means in our spare time between we get distracted from phone or other things and we start overthinking on that task and end up in procrastination

Motivate Yourself

Throughout the journey of your blogging, you will always be alone and feel lonely all the time.

And you can’t even express your feeling and problems with your friends regarding blogging because most of the time they can’t understand the way we want them to.

So, you need to be used to all the hurdles you will face while achieving something.

You are the only one who is going to stay till the end, so you need to motivate yourself every time.

I literally speak to myself like I am speaking with another personality. Now there may be different ways for different people to gain motivation from. The most common ways are listening to motivational podcasts and videos.

When I get tired of my work schedule or I feel overwhelmed while writing a blog post. I simply take a break till I get to freshen up, they may be of a small nap, meditation, one day off, etc.

I always have Sunday as an off day because according to my mentality and personality I need an off day to be fresh and active mentally.

So from Monday when I sit to write a blog post I feel really motivated and charged up because of the mental break of Sunday.

I just told my way of motivation to write a blog consistently, you can have your own way which you feel is better for you.

Make it a Habit

Now, after knowing all the steps to write a blog consistently you might have planned or mapped a schedule in your mind (no problem in it) but let me tell you something that it is not necessary to complete each and every task on your list, the thing which is important is that you tried your best.

So I prefer you to start your journey of writing blogs consistently in a very slow way so as to make it your habit

No matter how many blog posts you write, the only thing that is important is to do it consistently.

So in order to be a consistent blogger, you need to regularly write a blog each and every day whether it could be 500 words a day or maybe 2000 words but you need to do it each and every day to make it a habit and ultimately add up in your routine.

Honest Opinion

One fine day I was laying in bed and was thinking about how can I make money online. I randomly come across the youtube video which says HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE FASTER and there I get to know about blogging.

To be honest I started blogging to make money online faster and I imagined that after starting a blog within a few months I will be able to make money online but slowly I realized it is not at all easy to earn from blogging.

After realizing the fact I got demotivated and stopped blogging.

I hope most of you can relate to it

But throughout that journey, I really liked blogging which got me back.

So, it’s honest advice that it takes time, some might get growth within 3 months or some take 3 years but still struggling 

Have patience, believes in your work, and ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY

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Most Frequently Asked Questions- 

How do I write a daily blog?

To write a blog daily you need to make a habit of writing blogs each and every day, once you make it a habit it will be a cup of tea for you to write a blog daily, for that you need to add a time slot for writing blogs in your daily routine.

How often should you write on your blog?
I personally post 1 blog a week, you can decide your limit according to your work schedule.

In my case, I also have other things to do apart from blogging life, so by balancing that I manage to write 1 blog post consistently a week

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