10 Best Lifestyle blogs for Men and Women (Personal Favorite)

10 Best Lifestyle blogs for Men and Women (Personal Favorite)

People are changing their fashion sense with the time because no one wants to look outdated at a very young age. That is where the lifestyle blogger plays an important role. 

As you might be aware of the role of social media in our life, fashion trends become on social media and also changes frequently. 

So, that means people are adaption to the new changes and want to look fashionable and trendy, in short, you can say “ want to stand different from general people”.

New age Lifestyle blogs are not only about fashion and trends, it’s all about one person’s lifestyle. There might be different reasons for searching lifestyle blogs on search engines, either you want to become a lifestyle blogger or you want to good list of lifestyle bloggers whom you want to follow and learn stuff.

I made this comprehensive blog for both category people. In this blog, I’ll try to cover all the important aspects of Lifestyle blogging. 

There’s a huge question that comes into, that why you wanna be a lifestyle blogger, or why you wanna consume content from lifestyle blogs?

Now, the simple answer to this is, most people even when I want to buy some clothes for an occasion, the first thing I google about is the fashionable and unique outfit for that occasion.

Because, as a human tendency we don’t wanna be so outdated and weird (except for some people).

So I hope you got a brief about it, Let’s know all about lifestyle blog without further ado

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What is a lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog means sharing the life experiences and tips of the person via blog. Now there are many different types of lifestyle bloggers out there, we’ll discuss it at a later point but for now, it is very clear the concept of a lifestyle blog is.

A lifestyle blog is not that difficult to start at the same time it is not that easy as well. It totally depends on the type of content you provide. 

It’s basically documenting your lifestyle on the web where people read it.

Lifestyle blogs are important to understand the current market trend.

Before getting into the lifestyle niche it is important it knows different sub-sections under lifestyle blogs.

Type of Lifestyle blogs

  1. Food Blogger
  2. Fashion blogger
  3. Health & Fitness Blogger
  4. Decor blogger
  5. Grooming Blogs
  6. Self-Care blogs
  7. Hobbies blogs
  8. Travel Blogs
  9. Parenting Blogs

10 Best Lifestyle blogs for Men and Women

1. Forest Essentials India 

Forest essentials is a health-related lifestyle blog where you will get health advice and tips. They share solutions for any problem as per ayurvedic scriptures and also are easy to use natural home remedies.

I also have been following their blog for the last 1 month and I get to know lots of things about the ancient Ayurveda. 

Author – Arjun Singh is the author of this website and has 12-year experience in Ayurveda, thus it’s easy to truth someone with this level of expertise.

Also, on their website, they sell ayurvedic products which are made up of natural resources

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2. Amber Filler Up 

Amber filler is a personal lifestyle blog, where she shares all the essential stuff of women. 

All the blog posts on that website include women’s grooming tips and advice, daily lifestyle tips, hair care tutorials, etc. 

She is a full-time blogger who started her blog by sharing haircare tutorials in blogs which eventually turned out to be her main source of income

3. Gentleman’s Gazette 

Gentle mens gazette is a men’s grooming and lifestyle blog where you’ll get all about grooming and fashion tips to be more attractive than before.

It contains blogs that cover topics related to haircare, outfits, fashion & trends, etc. Also, they sell their own fashion accessories and essentials for men.

4. Southern Curls and Pearls 

Women’s fashion lifestyle blogs are one of the most searched topics on search engines because these kinds of blogs

Southern Curls and Pearls women’s grooming and self-care blogs.

You will find lots of interesting blog posts in this that women don’t usually talk about.

5. Monica Beatrice 

Monica Beatrice is a lifestyle blogger who document his daily lifestyle of everything she does. In her blogs, she covers all the essential aspects of health, home decor, beauty, fashion, and her own lifestyle. 

She started her blog from scratch and now she is a full-time blogger with regularly posts content on her blog and also she is a podcaster.

6. Collective gen 

Collective gen contains blog posts on DIY, home decor, designing, etc. 

7. Natural Living Ideas 

Natural living ideas is a blog where you can see DIY stuff from naturally available things. Making DIY things with the use of naturally available plants and other materials.

Also, you can see Natural Home remedies for beauty and skin care. 

8. Fit Bottomed girls 

Fit Bottomed Girls is mostly a fitness blog also it has different content related to fitness like healthy eating, nutritional things, etc.

9. Mommypotamus 

Mommypotamus is a parenting lifestyle blog. A parenting blog is a kind of blog where you find all kinds of mommy advice and tips.

This blog is kind of a virtual mom blog, additionally, you will get kids’ food recipes and healthy food recipes.

10. Grooming Lounge 

Grooming Lounge is a men’s grooming lifestyle blog. You will all kinds of grooming and fashion advice from these blogs.

This includes men’s hygiene, skincare, fashion, etc.

How do you become a lifestyle blogger?

Lifestyle blogging means writing content about your life experiences

1. Just Start it

If you really want to become a lifestyle blogger, the first step is to get started. I have seen many who just think about it and imagine the difficulty in it thus quite the ideas.

Without getting started you wound be able to get a clear vision for further. Once you get started you’ll get clear ideas about the actual stuff in it.

2. Niche is Important 

 NIche means the topic on which you are going to write your blog posts about. As are men earlier the different types of Lifestyle blogs.

You need to choose the best suitable blogging niche for your blog. This will help you create a targeted audience base for your blog. If you switch your niche more frequently your might lose your potential reach.  

3. Practice writing

When if started my blog, even if I had a great message to convey through my blog I failed to convey it. 

This is because of a lack of writing experience, so don’t think you’ll start rocking from your first blog itself.

4. Be consistent 

I used to get only a couple of visitors to my blog even after writing 50+ blogs, but then I noticed it’s a slow and steady process where you don’t have to expect much from it. 

Just give your best and wait for the search engine response. 

Can a Lifestyle blog make enough money?

Lifestyle blogs make money from many different sources like affiliate marketing, and brand collaboration. 

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