8 EASY Steps To Write A Blog Post Outline (Less than 10 min) – Hookycrash

8 EASY Steps To Write A Blog Post Outline (Less than 10 min) - Hookycrash

You might write an awesome blog post on your website, but are you writing that blog post in a sufficient time or it takes a very long period of time to write that blog post. 

If you are facing this problem then it is definitely because you’re getting confused while writing, what to add? what to remove? etc. All these problems will get solved if you know to make a blog post outline before directly writing your blog post

Before, when I just started my blogging career, I used to spend hours and hours writing my blog post but as the end result, It is not that efficient. There is no one to guide me but no worry here a complete blogging guide for you from start to end

After spending hours and hours and making my blog post outline. Finally, I figured out the best inefficient way to write a blog post outline, which takes a maximum of 10 – 15 minutes depends upon the length of your blog post. 

If you have landed on this page, then you might definitely be facing the challenge of writing a blog post outline. 

After applying the working ways to write a blog post outline you can actually reduce your time spending on your blog post and with that time you can market your blog post

A plan without a strategy is useless. So if you want to write the best efficient blog post, then you should have a strategy to write that so that you will be able to maximize your efforts and energy in writing that blog article. 

I will share with you the best and efficient ways to write your blog post with the outline method

How to write a blog post outline is classified into 8 Simple step 

So without wasting any time, let’s actually get into a blog post main content

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1. Research 

Steps To Write A Blog Post Outline (Less than 10 min) - Hookycrash

The first and foremost thing that comes into our mind, when it’s come to writing an awesome blog post or to write an awesome blog post outline is researching 

Researching about our content and title is the most important part when it’s come to making an awesome and successful blog article, 

Without research, our blog post outline is of no use at all and thus it will not be able to provide value to your readers.

Because when you don’t know what is happening with other bloggers’ minds, or what they have written in their blog posts, you can’t be able to overcome them. And you can’t imagine the value the value level of your blog post. 

You might write a good valuable article with a little bit of research but you would have added much more value by researching more, so I believe more research means more value

When it comes to researching the first thing you need to research is the topic on which you want to write a blog post.

Before writing any blog for you should have a proper title in your mind. So that when you create an outline for your blog post, you’ll be able to imagine all things you need to include under that title. 

Let’s talk about the second foremost important thing for your blog post is you need to come up with new and creative content ideas for your blog post, which you will get after reading a couple of top-ranking blog articles on that topic. 

So before making a successful blog outline, you need to read the top 5 to 10 blog articles so that you can imagine what all things you should add to make your blog post unique and separate from your competitors. 

Your first priority should be to add successful and valuable content, the ranking factor should be your second priority when it’s come to providing value to your audience

2. Title 

Steps To Write A Blog Post Outline (Less than 10 min) - Hookycrash

In order to write a successful blog outline, you need to have a clear defined blog title with you. 

You might have. Imagine that why I am forcing too much on the blog title. It’s just because the title is the only thing that decides whether people will visit our blog post or not, No matter how awesome and valuable a blog article, you have written. 

People will only judge you on the basis of your blog title. People will not be going to visit your site unless you have a great and catchy blog title. So that’s why I am focusing too much on the blog title. 

Now, let’s figure it out. How to write an awesome blog title. 

The best technique and strategy I used to find out the best working blog titles for my blog posts is I usually search the title on Google search engine and see the top-ranked blog title. And one thing you need to notice is whether the top-ranking articles have what type of titles.

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Some blog articles require – How to blog post and some require a number –  List based blog post. 

So if you search on Google and you find the top 10 ways and top hundred ways like that, that means you need to make some numerical blog post. 

And if you find how to blog post, more on the top-ranking pages, then you should create and how to post, so that people will able to engage with your blog post similarly, as compared to other 

Now. How to find it? Blog post title examples. You can find your blog post titles for example by Google’s autofill

And as well as you can find it on answerthepublic.com where you’ll be able to get thousands of People to search queries and if you create content on it, then you will be able to engage with your audience better.

3. Requirement for the blog post

Steps To Write A Blog Post Outline (Less than 10 min) - Hookycrash

Before Jumping into the creation of a blog post outline. First, you need to analyze all the Top ranking blog posts. 

The biggest benefit of analyzing the top-ranking blog post on Google is that you will able to create a summarized and comprehensive blog post outline which will help you to understand what is actually required in your blog post, so to make it easier for your users to gain value from it. 

It is not an awesome blog post unless people Gain some value for it. By analyzing all the top-ranking blog posts, you’ll actually able to understand what people are more preferring and what people are more consuming. So that if you compare your blog post with that blog post, 

So that if you gain some information from the top-ranking blog post, then you will be able to make a best and comprehensive blog post outline 

And one more thing you need to analyze is which type of content the top-ranking blog posts are having, whether it could be images, Gifs, videos, infographics, etc.

If you get most of the people are using videos in the top-ranking blog post, then that means people are preferring more videos as compared to images. So you should also include some videos as well as some additional information so that to make your blog post a unique and attractive piece of content to your users.

4. Structure your blog post

Steps To Write A Blog Post Outline (Less than 10 min) - Hookycrash

The biggest mistake I used to do previously after finding keywords and titles for my blog post, that I use to directly start my blog post but after learning about the best working blog outline steps, I really find it very effective and less time consuming as well 

You can actually save a lot of if you follow these steps and also you will have a clear image of your blog in your mind before actually making a blog post

The basic thing your need to do is to analysis few of the top-ranking blog post and how much word blog post content they are having written, accordingly, you need to split your whole blog post idea into small sections 

Like – 

Intro (50 to 80 Words)

Heading 1 (100 to 150 words)

Heading 2 (100 to 150 words)

By dividing your whole blog post into subsections you will be able to write an awesome piece of content in very little time as compared to the other direct blog posting process.

By making the structure of your blog post you can actually create the best blog outline for your blog post while will ultimately help you to turn your outline into an amazing blog post.

5. Make Bullet points 

As I already mention structuring blog posts in the previous point but in this, I will discuss with you, how to create an effective bullet point so that you won’t have the went back to reference again and again

While making bullet points for your blog post outline you should keep one thing in your mind that your sentence or paragraph which your want to add under that heading should be covered in few words or in a summarising manner, which will help you to make a successful blog post outline

 For example – 

How to increase your body Flexibility 

  •  Warm-up (for every body part)

  • Stretch 

  • Regularity 

And also keep in mind that you are not writing this bullets points to show others, so don’t try to make it too fancy just keep it as simple as possible, the bottom line of creating a bullet point is that you should understand what all things to cover inside that points

6. Heading and sub-Heading 

After creating bullet points now it’s time to classify all the bullet points under the heading or sub-heading because a head without a body is useless so it is very important to have an attractive and understanding heading or sub-heading 

One of the best tips I have to learn from other bloggers is to add keywords on your sub-heading (if possible), do not forcefully add any keywords on sub-heading.

While making a blog post outline you should have a clear idea in your mind that about which topic you want that para about.

For example  – 

How to write a blog post outline

  1. Research (subheading)

  •  The base of your content

  • First title research

  • Second, comes is Content research (5 to 10 blog posts)

Your blog post outline should understandable to you and you are not writing your outline for others, keep this in mind

7. Arrange systematically  

The final step of making a complete blog post outline is to arrange all the points and ideas in a very systematic way to convert them into a complete blog post.

  • Eg- How to make pizza 

  • 1. Make base-

  •                   How to make the base

  • 2. Add saus in it- 

  •                  How to make saus

  • 3. Add toppings –

  •                  What toppings to add

This is how it should systematically arrange your blog post outline so that it will very easy for you to convert it into a full valuable blog post.

8. Fill in your points 

Now, the process of making a blog post outline is completed. Now I’m giving some additional information which I want you to follow or you can go through it. 

Now after making all the blog posts, now it’s time for you to complete and fill all the bullets points to make it into a full blog post. 

While filling in the blood points you should keep one thing in mind when you don’t have to go so much proper and perfect in it. 

You just have to start writing for your blog post after you can take some time to correct it.

Back till now you just have to be much more genuine and you should write whatever comes into your mind. You should not limit yourself while writing your blog post, you can write whatever you want, which will help you to open up your mind in terms of ideas and you can explore your ideas and try them out in your blog post. Make sure it Relevant to your topic.

Conclusion – 

The bottom line of this blog post is to make you productive and efficient in terms of blog writing by just making a blog post outline.

If you spend time on your basic blog post outlining then I can make sure you that your blog post gonna a better then before 

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