12 Examples of Microblogs and Microblogging Sites – Hookycrash

12 Examples of Microblogs and Microbloging Sites - Hookycrash

 In the Overall content creation world, I see that only a few percentages of people spread content on interest whether it could be in form of blogs, pictures, videos, etc.

But what we are missing out on is, that we are connecting more with experts rather than general people. So with the help of Microblog and microblogging sites, we can connect with general people enormously. 

I use these microblogging sites list every time just to stay updated with the root level of general peoples queries, thus I also added these tasks to my morning routine

What are Microblog and Microblogging sites?

A microblog is a small form of content that you share across various platforms. As you all know that blogging is a big form of content shared on the internet most of them won’t have enough time to consume big paragraphs instead they prefer to get the same level of information comprehensively within a few lines.

So, that’s where the role of micro-blog and micro-blogging platforms came into the picture. There are many different free Examples of microblog sites which I’ll cover in the upcoming points.

While in the blog kind of content people can share their perspectives but its now-a-day is not much engaging as compared shot form of content like microblogs, there is nothing but a smaller and well-compressed version of big form content 

As we all know that the attention span of people reduces too much even if I and you fall under the same roof, so as a content creator it is really hard to grab the attention of the people to show off your content. 

Although with the long form of content (like this blog itself) it is hard to make people read each and every paragraph of your blog or any other type of content for that matter. Tho it’s possible if you master the art of writing a hooky introduction that can really get the eyes of the reader

Still, microblogging sites helps to get more engaging and genuine reader because of their straightforward forward information.

Here are the Micro Blogging sites mentioned where you can write microblogs

12 Examples of Microblogs and Micro-Blogging Sites

  1. Quora

As we were talking about examples of microblogs then how can I miss the popular microblogging site Quora. When I see the words microblogging the first thing that struck my mind is nothing but quora. I have been using this platform for the last 3.5 years and I feel it’s seen holds the same value when it comes to microblogging. 

Quora is all about asking questions and answers. It’s one of the popular forums where you will get all kinds of questions and answers. The best part about Quora is that you don’t require to be an expert in order to answer someone’s question, Everything is acceptable. 

Hereby you can publish your interesting topic content on quora to get a relevant sort of audience.

You don’t have to be grammatically perfect and all other stuff you just have to express your point of information to the people.

  1. Linkedin –

One of the pieces of advice I use to get early is to update my Linkedin profile on a regular basis. I wonder why!!!

LinkedIn is one of the professional social media platforms. Unlike other social media like Instagram and Facebook, here you can’t be doing the same stuff. Because Linkedin acts as a digital resume of yours. Nowadays when you go to a corporate for a job, they’ll ask about your LinkedIn profile as well to understand your professional background.

So, here you can document all your journey related to your professional, the work you have done in past, your experience, of course, your additional skills, etc.

So Linkedin acts as a digital profile of yours, so you share your thoughts and information about your knowledge. Like this, it will be called a microblog of your expertise niche.


  1. Twitter – 

Twitter is one of the best thought-sharing platforms where you have to share your thoughts and point of view in a few words.

In order to start microblogging on Twitter, you need to first choose a niche/category of your choice where you think you are good at it. 

And have consistently posted your tweets regarding that topic so that people will recognize your interest and profession.

Thus you can start your microblog on Twitter to build your brand into it.

  1. Instagram 

It’s not like you guys don’t know about Instagram. But still, you might know it as a social media and for memes and reels. 

Apart from these, you can use Instagram as a Microblogging platform for spreading out your knowledge and information. This can be done in many different ways like reels, stories, posts, etc. 

Now-a-day reels are the most used feature of Instagram so as a content creator you can grab the opportunity to get a kick start for your content and after a while, you’ll be able to even monetize it

  1. Reddit – 

Reddit is question and answer forum. Here you will find all the different types of question and answer into it. As a microblogger you can explore different types of question which comes under your category of expertise, you can solve/answer them, and thus from there you get to identify as an expert in a particular field.

  1. Livejournal

Livejournal is a new kind of website where you will find the latest news updated and if your interest field is related to news and current affairs irrespective of whether it is about finance, marketing, stocks, etc. 

  1. N4g

N4g is a similar website to Live journal. This also contains all categories of news 

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest is another search engine like google but here you will see images instead of text forms of content. 

Every free Microblogging site examples have its own different benefits you just need to explore them and have your chance. 

Pinterest is an images sharing platform where you can document your photographic skills and if you are into the digital marketing profession you can also use Pinterest to drive traffic to your websites/blog/affiliate products.

You can easily get the benefit of Pinterest just by posting images on the site with some bare minimum Pinterest SEO trick that you will within 1o mins

  1. Blogger

Most of all every pretty much knows something about the blogger. Still, I would like to explain in brief about it

Blogger is a platform where you can write blogs and publish them. Blogger is a free and similar version of WordPress although they are different when we look at it in depth. But for the sake of understanding, it works similarly.

You can use your blogger account for creating the best micro niche blog. Blogger is a blogging platform so it doesn’t work like any other forum platforms like Quora, Reddit, etc. 

Here you have written a blog and published it and have performed SEO and promoted it in order to see the best result of your microblog

At the same time being a blogging platform with absolutely free service you can really explore so many things,  but for that, you need to start your blogger account and have to optimize your setting SEO-friendly to get the maximum benefit out of it.

  1. Tumblr

Tumblr is a blogging platform. Here first you need to choose a niche will take just 10 min. 

Once you are ready with your niche, you are ready to write microblogs and publish them on Tumblr.

I’m focusing on niche more because with the help of a focused targeted niche you can build a relevant reader for your microblogs instead of doing it randomly.

  1. Medium

Medium is an open platform where anyone can read and write about their interested topic. Also, the interface of the medium is very simple which made it easy to access by every individual even if they are not good at it. 

All you need to do is to plan your content as per your interest and start writing your microblogs in it. 

As the Domain Authority of medium is high, so there is a high chance of your microblog getting indexed into google faster. From there you can start your microblogging journey

  1. Wix

Wix is a blogging platform where you can create your own professional-looking website or blog. It has plenty of different customization features in it that make it more attractive.

You can start your microblogging journey from Wix as well.

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