6 Practical Ways To Create Effective CTA Button For Your Website – Hookycrash

6 Practical Ways To Create Effective CTA Button For Your Website - Hookycrash

 The CTA (Call-To-Action)  button plays a vital role in all the activities that you are doing with your website or social media. A website without a Call-To-Action button is like having a pointless website because you will not get any benefit from your website.

So, if you want to learn something about the CTA button then say till the end, in the blog i will get you through the 6 Practical Ways To Create Effective CTA (Call-To-Action) Button For Your Website 

Now before let’s just know some of the overviews of the CTA button so that you can understand it in a better manner.

What is the call to action button? 

The call-To-Action button is a button that drives the audience wherever you want i.e, help in getting traffic, conversion, sales, connecting on social media, etc.

A Proper CTA button will drive the audience wherever you decide, that is your Blog, Website, Social Media, etc.

As it is not that complicated as other people make it, but on the other hand, it is not that simple.

You just need to learn some basic and small-small elements with your CTA button which will increase your conversion with your audience.

CTA Includes –

  • Proper Color

  • Proper Placement

  • Proper Words

  •  Ways of approaching 

  • ETC …

Don’t bother much about it, I’ll try to explain all and everything I know about the CTA button and how to create an effective CTA button for your website.

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The Disadvantage of Having a Wrong CTA button – 

When I started my first website I was not aware of something called the CALL-TO-ACTION button, so I just randomly placed pages anywhere on the website. And what ended up happening is I got ZERO response from my website.

But fortunately, after doing much research on it, I came to know about the CTA button and after applying those techniques and tips which is didn’t know before, I really got an amazing result from it (not immediately)

I just did some small-small changes and it’s BOOM!!!

You might get good traffic on your website but now getting proper conversion or sales or not able to build an email list.

You can solve these problems by making some small changes to your website.

6 Practical Ways To Create CTA Button For Your Website

Whenever you visit any website, a particular button that excites you to click on it is the sign, that the website has a proper call to action button placement

Change the Perspective –

Now as a business owner or a website owner you need to change the way you look at your website.

You need to see it from the customer perspective so that you can observe your website and make changes accordingly.

As in you need to think that you as a customer and you have visited a site, where do you prefer CTA button on that site whether it could buy subscription, Newsletter, Sign-up etc?

And set accordingly in your site then you can see the result.

Try doing it again and again after a particular time period.


As a thought says “Life is very short to learn from our own mistake” so it is always preferable to learn from others mistakes and experiences 

Whenever I introduce something new to my website or blog, the first thing I do is that I observe some big bulls in that niche and try to learn from their experience 

I suggest you too do the same with your CTA buttons as well

Show them what they will get

The only way you can create an effective CTA button is by giving good service to your visitors.

As I said in the previous point that you need to observe other websites, similar you need to use some strong words and sentences in your CTA button

For example- Instead of Sign-in or Sign-up you can use “GET IN”, “JOIN”

Always think, you need to stand out from your competitors which makes you different from others, and thus the audience may like it.

Good visuals

Nowadays you can’t just make a simple CALL-TO-ACTION button and hope for people to start clicking on it.

This is not gonna happen, because of the increase in competition it is very important for you to create an effective CTA button with proper visuals and colors.

You have to be very choosy with the color and theme or template you are using to create a CTA button 

For example– creating a sign-up button with dark color which is also the main color of your website theme 

If you are thinking of just adding beautiful texts to your CTA button then I am ensuring you no one is going to read it, everyone will just skip it.

So it is very important to add some relevant and attractive images to it so that people find it as a standard thing.

Proper Placement 

Proper placement of your call-to-action button plays a vital role because people will not put much effort in knowing about your product and services, you are the one who is in need of an audience.

So it is your prior responsibility to show you things in the first place or where visitors can easily see it.

Do not make it too complicated, just keep it as simple as possible and be good with your observation skills.

Give something for FREE

You might have noticed whenever a new company gets started it offers something FREE or at a very low price.

Are you doing this? And why are they making losses for their company?

The simple reason behind this is at the starting, people don’t know much about their product or services so they give it a trial and make people aware of their quality and thus it spreads awareness.

Similarly, you need to give something for free to create an effective CTA button like ebook, newsletter, etc or if you have any tools then free one-week trials, etc.

Because why people will buy your $50 product or services unless they know about it.

By giving something for Free you can create a good audience base.

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