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Cadbury marketing mix (4p's Of Marketing Mix) - Hookycrash



The marketing mix is a set of activities that a company or brand performs in order to market its product or services 

As well know that Cadbury has been one of the tops widely spread brands for Chocolate items.

But, how did this happen?

Because of Cadbury’s marketing mix, Cadbury company has an updated marketing mix or you can say it covered all categories of audience, irrespective of their ages, standards, locality, reason, etc.

So in this blog post, we will try to analyze how Cadbury’s marketing mix works and how they implement their marketing mix efficiently with the use of Price, Product, Place, Promotion.

But why does Cadbury chocolate hold a special spot amongst all chocolate lovers?

In simple words, it happened all because of its marketing mix and unique marketing style in the market 


Before, people used to have a thought that chocolate is only for kids, but Cadbury had changed the perspective of the way people looked at chocolate with their attractive and unique advertisement.

If you would have noticed that in most of the Cadbury ads, no kids are cast.

All the ads are cast with grown-up adults and this made me believe that chocolate is also for adults.

This revolutionary marketing helps that brand to grow and now as you can see chocolate is consumed by almost every age group people 

I think these many details are fair enough to know the Marketing mix of Cadbury


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Let’s analyze 4 P’s of Cadbury marketing mix 

4p’s of Cadbury Marketing Mix

1. Product

Product marketing mix means the product which is offered by the company. 

Now, let’s know what all products Cadbury produces in order to attract a huge audience. 

Cadbury is a chocolate company. So it’s mainly trying to Target kids and adult audiences as compared to old age people.

If you see, Cadbury company has all the types of products, which it needs in order to attract all categories of people irrespective of their age or locality.

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Products offered by Cadbury are as follows?

  • Bournvita Milk powder
  • Bournvita biscuit 
  • Dairy Milk
  • Cadbury Silk
  • Cadbury Celebration pack
  • Cadbury 5 start
  • Bournville 

These are some of the products of Cadbury Company, Apart from these Cadbury has 100’s of different products as well. Because of the variety of products Cadbury diversifies its audience range and spread its market all over the world.

You will find Cadbury chocolate in 60+ different countries and Cadbury manufactured in 15 countries.

2. Price

Price marketing mix means the price of the products offered by a company.

Now here is the biggest reason why Cadbury sustained in the market for a very long period of time.

If you might have noticed that, no matter how much money you have still you can buy Cadbury Chocolate.


Because Cadbury has all the price rank products available from Cadbury Eclair to Cadbury celebration pack or Cadbury Silk.

The price of the product decides whether people will buy it or not. So Cadbury provides all categories and standards of the people which help the audience to buy according to their purchasing power.

In short, Cadbury gives a variety of options to its customers.



3. Place

Place marketing mix means a place where a good or service get marketed.

Now currently in 2021 Cadbury has spread its reach up to 60 countries and you can see Cadbury manufacturing factories in more than 15+ countries 

U.K, Australia, India, China are the countries that consume more chocolates from the Cadbury brand


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4. Promotion 

Promotion marketing mix means the marketing practices of a brand in order to get people’s attention and increase sales.

Cadbury has an amazing marketing strategy which they have been following for a very long time.

In the case of INDIA,

It has many states inside and many different languages.

Cadbury has focused more on different native languages in order to get the personal attainment of the people in their own native language.

And another important marketing strategy of Cadbury is their Advertisement song.

For example- my favorite song is ” Kiss me close your eyes miss me ” 

The visuals and melodious sound works really well when you listen to it 

India is full of festivals and traditions like Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Holi, etc 

All the festivals are celebrated using sweets but nowadays due to heavy advertisement of Cadbury, sweets are being replaced by Cadbury celebration packs.


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Conclusion –

When you look at Cadbury’s marketing mix it is very interesting but do you think that this happened just because of the marketing mix?

For me, creativity and consistently changing with trends and choices made Cadbury the best chocolate brand in the world 

If you have any suggestions or thought about it then do let me know in Comment 


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