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My Productive Morning Routine to start your day with Positivity

I started my productive morning to start my day with a Positivity routine 8 months ago and now I strictly follow it. Although some days there may be ups and downs in the routine, most of the time I follow this morning routine and I find this is helping me in terms of a healthy lifestyle also I feel mentally charged every morning when I wake up.

You might think that I have a very perfect and productive morning routine, but NO. I didn’t have one.

As everyone is human, there can’t be a perfect daily routine. If we tend to get perfect then what’s the difference between humans and AI, right!! Whatever.

so , how did I start my productive morning routine? (let’s have a relatable insight on it)

My daily work routine used to be almost the same every day and on a regular basis I used to feel tired and lazy towards my work and my productivity started reducing on a daily basis. 

Although I got use-to this lazy daily routine, still I didn’t get the vibe that I am being productive at all. 

I am a full-time blogger, so some days I used to work on a blog for straight 2-3 hours (when I am motivated), and it slowly started reducing,  so I felt very unmotivated and depressed, also motivational videos and podcasts also didn’t work at that time.

I thought I was working too hard on myself without taking a break. That might be a reason for it.  So I took a 3 days break from my work and just chilled out the whole day by binge-watching.

My intention was to have a fresh start on my work after 3 days of a break but guess what! things started getting even worse after this. 

Now, I am lazier than before and can’t get the work done. 

After consuming lots of content from the internet. I figured out that I didn’t have the proper morning routine for a productive day.

I tried many different routines that including the 5. am morning routine to 8. am of different YouTubers. 

But I figured out everyone has their own comfortable productive routine for the day.

Now I have a clear goal in my mind to figure out the best morning routine for myself. After lots of tries and tests and after failing miserably in setting up a productive morning routine. I wasted more than 8 days.

After that, I was able to figure out my own best productive morning routine for bloggers.

Now, it’s been 8 months of following that routine, if I look back it’s kind of a surprise for me as well.

Add on- I never suggest you strictly follow others’ morning routines because everyone is different in one or the other way. So I suggest you observe and take inspiration from others’ routines and make a separate one for yourself.

I am not going to bullshit you about my morning routine with some fancy stuff in it. To be honest I really have a simple and easy lifestyle

I believe a morning routine should be a mixture of a healthy and peaceful part of our life.

Let’s start with the ultimate guide for a productive morning routine for a positive day

My Productive Morning Routine to start your day with Positivity Productive Morning Routine for Positive Day

Before sticking with 6. and tried many different options of 4. am and 5. am as well.

I saw one of the videos of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) where he mentioned that he wakes up at 4. am, so I tried it, ultimately I end up getting into sleep within an hour.

Wake up at 6. am 

My first goal for the day is to wake up on 6. am.

On day 1even after setting up 3-4 alarms, I couldn’t get up. This continued for 2-3 days. Now I figured out where I am lacking on, is my sleep cycle. So I started getting to bed by or before 10. pm to completely my 8 hours of sleep every day. 

Research shows humans spend about 30%-40% of their life just sleeping. So I had this motivation that I needed to wake up early. – 

In these 15 min, I generally do all the small activities. In the meantime I first drank 1 glass of water, I believe water activates the body and performs the rest of the activity. After that, I go to the washroom, freshen up and wash my face. 

Another exceptional thing I do is check my phone. Now, most people disagree with the phone part. I have my personal reason behind it because if I don’t check my phone I will have a sense of urgency in my mind regarding some urgent messages or emails. But I never-ever tough social media apps in the morning.

After that, i plan my whole day about my work and the tasks I need to complete on that particular day. This includes writing blogs, promoting blogs on social media, writing blogs for clients, etc. 

  • Drink 1 glass of water
  • Get to washroom 
  • Check my phone
  • Plan a Day –

Now in this time slot, I like to read books, to be honest, I recently added this to my morning routine for productivity. This book readings part really making day nowadays. 

Recently I have been reading “Life of Monk -By Jay Shetty”. Starting my morning with this book really help me to stay calm and peaceful in difficult situations of my day. This book talks about mental peace and happiness that help me to think like a monk in every situation of my life.

  • Reading Books (recently reading life of Monk )

My Productive Morning Routine to start your day with Positivity –

After I read the book, now my mind is in a relaxation stage filled with the richness of the author. With this peacefulness and knowledge, I would like to meditate for 15 minutes to actually feed my mind with the positive energy and thought that I get from reading that book.

Sometimes this mediation session goes more than 15 minutes and I don’t mind. Because I believe that when I do more mediation that means I am reaching the best focusing level myself. Sometimes I even did about 30 min of mediation (Max of mine)

  • Mediation –

As soon as I’m done with my meditation, now it’s time to do some physical activity. 

I’m a bit fitness freak so I do work out twice a day. In the morning I do mobility exercises and stretches, and in the evening I do calisthenics workouts.

In the morning my body gets tight and kind of stuck, so first 15 min I do stretching so that i can free up my body to make it injuries free and in the next 15 min I do mobility exercises of full body.

  • Stretching 
  • Mobility Exercises –

Now, this is the last stage of my productive morning routine where I have my first-morning breakfast.

Breakfast can be anything like fruits and salads just to start a healthy day.

Once I’m done with the breakfast thing, I take shower and wear comfortable clothes.

I heard most people saying, to wear proper work clothes to stay in the work environment, but as I already told them I will only share the reality. Wearing comfortable baggy clothes helps me to stay creative in my work

  • Breakfast 
  • Take Shower

8. Am

Now it’s work time, I mostly start my work at 8. am and I divide my work tasks into different time slots to make it more productive and efficient.

In this time slot, mostly write a blog for my website, and using this morning routine I’m being consistent on my blog writing thing

My thoughts – 

This was my best productive morning routine to have an energetic morning. To be honest, it’s not like I always stick with this morning routine, the purpose of having a routine is to force yourself to be disciplined towards particular things and get the work done on time.

By having a routine, I force myself and I ultimately follow this routine almost 90% of the time. You can’t expect to be perfect all the time, it’s ok to be lazy sometimes and it’s shouldn’t last long to disturb your morning routine

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