#3 FREE Pinterest Keyword Research Tools by Pinterest – Hookycrash

#3 FREE Pinterest Keyword Research Tools by Pinterest - Hookycrash

Hey there,

You might be searching for the best FREE Pinterest Keyword Research Tool but on the internet, you will get plenty of different ways to do keywords research for your Pinterest but all those methods sometimes work and sometimes don’t.

Even sometimes you will get a random Pinterest keyword research tool, but the point is How can you trust any random keyword research tool?

But, What if I told you that Pinterest has its own keyword research tool but most of the people are unaware of it and those people who are aware of it are not revealing the SECRET of Pinterest keyword research tool because of the increase in competition.

But don’t worry I’m not amongst them, I’ll try to be as much transparent as I can that #reveal all the secrets that I know about the Pinterest keyword research tool

Read till the end, you will know a lot of NEW things about keyword research on Pinterest


There are many other platforms as well but why most people are searching for a Pinterest marketing strategy, the reason behind it is, Pinterest is a growth platform or search engine. 

So as a business or digital marketing our primary motive is the up our business on Pinterest at an initial stage itself because after a couple of years it will be much more competitive as compared to now

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I will be sharing with you the best 3 Pinterest keyword research tools on Pinterest which will help you to boost your pins on your Pinterest account

I personally use these 3 methods to perform keyword research on Pinterest.

When I am in search of some free Pinterest keyword research tools, no one suggested these secrets directly includes blogs, youtube, etc.

After taking a PAID crash course on PINTEREST MARKETING I get to know these secrets

But luckily I’m here to help you to grow your Pinterest account by performing the best keyword research practice for FREE.

Pro tip – While reading this blog you can open your Pinterest account on another tab so that you follow the steps along with it

#1. Method – Pinterest Keyword Research Tool (Know the trending Keywords on Pinterest)

Now, this Pinterest keyword research method will help you to know the current trending Keywords of your niche so that you can make content on trending topics and get more traffic from them.

Here is how it works.

  1. You have to click on the Analytics option on your Pinterest account under that you will get Trends simple click on it and you will land upon a keyword search tool where you can know the trends of Pinterest 

  1. Here you can search up to 4 different topics and you can see the graphical trend of that particular topic in your niche 

#2. Method – Pinterest Keyword Research Tool (Search Volume of Keywords From Create Ads section – Without running ads)

Method 2 will feel a bit confusing for the first time, so I suggest you follow along with the step so that you can reach the current keyword research option on Pinterest 

  1. Click on the Ads option on the top left corner of your Pinterest dashboard 

  1. Under that, you have to click on Create ads (don’t worry you need not have run ads or pay anything  it’s a 100% free tool)

  1. Inside that, you have to click on New Ad Group (follow the images)

  1. After that click on Find New Customer (follow the images)

  1. Click on Interests and Keywords (15 Free Chrome Extension for SEO)

  1. Now click on Add Keywords 

  1. Now search your keyword and know its search volume

The time which your spend on Pinterest is really worth it because as per me Pinterest is going to be the future 

You are getting confused then save this blog for future reference.

#3. Method – Pinterest Keyword Research Tool (Auto-suggestions and idea box)

Like any other search engine, Pinterest also shows some autosuggestions which people are more searching for.

This makes our job easier.

Whenever you search for something on Pinterest you will get autosuggestions for  question

Simply after typing your keyword you need to hit space and you can enjoy the auto-suggested keywords feature and optimize your Pinterest account and pins accordingly.

Conclusion – 

Most people use Pinterest because it has a high organic reach. 

So it is very important to take full advantage of it, you can do it by following the 3 methods which I have mentioned of Pinterest keyword research.

The tips and method I shared regarding Pinterest keyword research may be get changed in the future or may be visible in different sub-option but you can take a Fruitful result of it after using these keyword research tools

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