Why Pinterest Account Suspended And How To Avoid It


Why Pinterest Account Suspended And How To Avoid It (2020)

Did your Pinterest account gets suspended and you want to get it back?

Is it possible?

Yes as well as No

Yes, if you take action within 48 hour

NO, if you are too late.

Do you know that Pinterest has banned my account permanently?

So sad movement for me because it was my first account

Do you know why this happened? 

Pinterest Account Suspended

Because I did something which they felt was spam but not according to me. Because I was not aware of their Community Guideline and their rules and did something which makes them feel my account is spammy and against their community guideline. 

If you stay till the end, then you will get to know all the things which make an account spammy and Pinterest will suspend this account as quickly as possible because they don’t want their platform to fill with spammy things. 

I have mentioned all the things which make my account permanently banned. My account got banned due to these reasons and I don’t want anyone to experience that so I came up with all the points and exact things that make you a spam account. 

To avoid getting banned from Pinterest, read till then to gather as much information as possible. 

But let me ask you a question. 

Why Pinterest?

I mean why are you purposely trying to promote your blog and build your brand over Pinterest? 

The simple reason behind it is that Pinterest is the best platform that gives you free traffic without having anything background. 

Background in the sense. You don’t have to have a good domain authority or page Authority or your account has to be an experienced account and you have to be in some position.

It’s not like that, Pinterest is free for all irrespectively about their domain Authority and Page Authority and your number of backlinks, etc. 

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How my Pinterest account was suspended?

Let’s just talk about how my Pinterest account was suspended and I don’t want you to make this mistake. So Keep this blog post in front of you and avoid all those mistakes which I did and all the unwanted things that will lead to account suspension. 

Before long ago Pinterest used to be the easiest traffic getting platform, but now Pinterest has changed a lot. Now the algorithm is quite more difficult, not as much difficult as Google but still as compared to Google, It’s very easy.

 So if you want to grow on Pinterest avoid things that are against the Pinterest community guidelines.

When I started Pinterest, I didn’t have any clue about how to pin on Pinterest and how to get traffic, and how to do SEO. 

I don’t know anything. But as I spend more time on it, then I come to know about his little bit things on Pinterest. 

What I did is, I started pinning the same pins again and again on the same board without even knowing then.

I don’t know the worth of the pin and his board. So I think that pinning on the same boards will be quite normal and I will get traffic from it.

But the Pinterest algorithm has changed and I was doing the same thing again after the new algorithm and Pinterest started noticing me and blocked my account. 

Unfortunately, I feel so regret about the thing which I did on my account because 

It was my first account and that account has grown much faster. I’ve been around 127 pins and my monthly visitor is about 90 K which is a huge monthly visitor. 

Pinterest Account Suspended

After I started my new account now that the new account has around 200 to 250 pins, but still I have just 500 monthly unique visitors now. I am regretting that why I did that Community guideline against So I don’t want you all to make the same mistake.

Why Pinterest Account Suspended And How To Avoid It (2020)

I want you to play a safer game on Pinterest because one of the best tools to gain ultimately higher traffic as compared to other social media platforms.

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Things to avoid-

  1. Same pin again in the same board

As I mentioned in my story that I was using the same pins again and again on the same board. I don’t want you to make this mistake. 

So avoid pinning the same pins on the same board because Pinterest is looking for fresh pins and you can get more traffic from that fresh pins. 

You can create multiple pins for the same blog or website and pinned it. 

Because Pinterest is looking for just a fresh pin. So if you create multiple pins for the same blog then it will be totally fine for Pinterest, just it has to be different from your previous pin.

As you know, Pinterest is an image sharing platform where people used to share the image. So Pinterest sees your activity based on your pins, not your title or URL or your description. 

What if you can pin the same pin again? But on a different board, you can pin it on the same board. Either you can pin it on a different board with a time interval of two days. Which makes it a difference or else if anyone visits your blog he or she will find the same bin is spinning again and again on the board, which will make it too ugly and Pinterest Community guideline have string free against that.

  1. Pinning the same pin to the different board in a short span

What if you can pin the same pin again and again But on a different board? 

You can pin the same pins on different boards with a time interval of at least one or two days. 

Because Pinterest doesn’t want you to pin the same pin on different boards in a very short time because it makes a huge blunder in your profile and whenever anyone visits your profile and sees it he will find that same pin is pinning multiple times. 

Pinterest strictly opposes that kind of spammy activity.

So you have to keep at least one or two days of the interval before pinning the same pins again or one of the best solutions is to make multiple pins for the same blog and pin it. 

Because Pinterest identifies your blog only based on the image. Not based on your title and URL. 

The best practice is to make different pins for the same blog, I create about 5-6 pins for my same blog and use it.

  1. Mass Following

Pinterest has a restriction of the mass following or unfollowing like other social media platforms.

So Pinterest works also in the same way as other social media platforms that you can follow people in a mass amount and unfollow them. 

You have to do it very genuinely like you can follow hundreds and thousands of people in just and 10 minutes. And also Pinterest has the limitation of following just up to 50K people, although you can have an unlimited number of followers you can follow-up to just 50,000 people. 

So you don’t have to follow many people just to gain initial views to your pins. 

You have to go genuinely and follow just like about 10 to 15 people in a day or an hour 

The best fact is that Pinterest doesn’t work based on how many followers you have. It’s about how much you gain pin impression and click. 

It’s all about clicks to your website. 

No one cares how much impression and followers you have on Pinterest. The only thing you should care about is how you can get clicks to your website because you are ultimately there to get traffic from it to your website. 

So you should not bother about your followers 

Go in a genuine way that even with zero followers, you can generate a hundred and thousands of traffic to your website only based on the quality of your pin and your quality of content

So it’s all about Creative Images along with quality content that attracts followers or readers to click on it and read more.

  1. Stuffing unwanted content

Pinterest has strict guidelines against Unwanted content such as sexual content, pornography, or any type of content which is against any Community guideline or any exceptional thing which is against the law. 

You can publish all that kind of pin on Pinterest.

If you see, Pinterest is not at all a social media platform, it is an online search engine, which is not the same as Google but it is quite similar to it because people just come here to search there. Topic and get any solution for it. 

Just like we write blogs on Google here we have to create pins.

So if you are a content creator on Pinterest, you should treat it like your blog. 

Content that is against any law or any Community, Pinterest will quickly suspend your account without thinking of it.

  1. Using other’s pin

You can’t use another content creator’s pin image in your Pinterest account because it will create a negative impact on your account that you are stealing other content creators’ pins and using it. 

As already mentioned, Pinterest is looking for fresh pins as it is an image sharing platform. 

So if the same pins are used again and again by different content creators, then Pinterest gets a quick notification about you, that you are against the community guideline and they will look at your account and they will quickly suspend it because nothing is exciting in your account. 

Pinterest is looking for creative and fresh pins and you are giving them the same pin again and again. So there is no profit of yours and there is no profit for them. 

So they don’t find any use in keeping your content or account on their platform. So they will quickly suspend you. 

What if your account got suspended and you didn’t do anything spammy on it?

Sometimes Pinterest wrongly suspends your account and you will get an email notification that your account is suspended. 

this happened to me once again. My first account is banned due to my spam activity and after I created another account that account also got an email notification about account suspension after two days of using it then I realized I didn’t do anything spammy in that 

So, The mail contains a link from where you can ask your queries and ask for your account activation again. There we can convey our thoughts that we didn’t do any spammy activity on it. So then we can Reactivate our account again 

So after clicking that link, you will have a get of questions about our account and we have to answer that.

 And ask for your queries and after sending that feedback to Pinterest they will reply to you within 24 hours then. 

How to Reactivate Pinterest Account

If you get pop up notication of your suspended pinterest account then without further delay you need to follow these simple steps to recover your pinterest account

These steps will help you to recover your pinterest account within 24 hrs.

Mostly these types of account suspension are for you to avoid spammy activity

Step 1.

Reactivate suspended pinterest account


As soon as your account got suspended one thing you do, is to visit the official site of pinterest contact page which will look like this

Here you have click on appeals so that you address you point of view to Pinterest and fill your account suspension detail which will help the Pinterest to take actions on it.

Step 2.

Reactivate suspended pinterest account

After click in appeal, you need to address pinterest that why you are appealing to them and after that you simply need to hit the continue button to fill further details

Step 3.

Reactivate suspended pinterest account

Next step after is to fill your personal detail to Pinterest

Step 4.

Reactivate suspended pinterest account

Here you need to enter your subject and description like this –

Subject – Pinterest account suspended

Description- ( You need to explain the problem regarding your pinterest account )

Step 5.

Reactivate suspended pinterest account

Here you need to include some documents like screenshots or video ( anything will do )
to confirm your problem to pinterest and hit continue

Step 6.

Reactivate suspended pinterest account

After verifying your details, you can submit your information to pinterest about your account suspension

Now, what?

Just wait for 24 hrs to get reply from pinterest

The best part about pinterest support is that you will get reply exactly in the giving time

Why Pinterest Account Suspended And How To Avoid It (2020)
Why Pinterest Account Suspended And How To Avoid It (2020)

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