6 Tips To Write A Hooky Blog Introduction (100% Working)

Write A Hooky Blog Introduction

 Writing blog posts consistently but still not getting enough engagement in your blog post?

And also your bounce rate tends to increase?

I know that now you were feeling disappointed and some may be in the thought of quitting blogging. 

But do you know that blogging is a game of patience, you constantly have to learn and you get result slowly 

Hooking people in your blog introduction is an art and if you stay till the end I will share my 2 years of blogging experience and how I learned to write a hooky blog intro?

Earlier when I use to get 10-15 users a day I use to get happy because at that time I use to push more on social media a lot

So I use to get unique users but that fact is my bounce rate is dancing between 98-100% and some days is exactly 100%

Then I read plenty of blog posts but I didn’t get much knowledge from them all were the same and were just theoretical information and nothing works as much in reality.

Then I observed some of the ranking blog posts and I found a similar pattern of writing blog posts.

After observing plenty of blog post I conclude and finally figured out these 6 things you can use to write a hooky blog intro 

But, why should we focus more on the intro rather than the title?

Because the title works as an invitation to any party and a good Introduction decides whether to continue the party or to leave that party, go home and sleep.

I hope you got my point

Writing a hooky title will work and bring more users to your blog post but having hooky and catchy introduction will convert that random user into your loyal audience.

Have you seen the news headline and introduction?

That if you read any news headline you will always be in mystery and have a curiosity of knowing more.

And when you read the rest of the article you will still have that curiosity because they present it in a very dramatic and in a particular flow that we tend to be hooked up by it.

So that’s the art we will get to know in this blog post about how to write a hooky introduction for your blog post.

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I have some quick example of some best blogger in the industry

Example 1 – Neil Patel

Neil Patel blog strategy

Example 2- Brian Dean 

backlinko blog strategy

As with all the above-mentioned blog posts, are you able to identify any similar pattern?

I also highlighted each and every stage to understand it in a better way.

Let’s break down those stages of getting clear about hooky blog Introduction.

1.Start with the major question – 

Whenever you start writing your blog post open your blog by asking a question equation may be an open-ended question or maybe closed-ended question, 

but it should be a valid question that is directly connected to your content inside your blog post. 

The best advice is to always ask a question, which is answerable by every people who are reading the blog post. 

The question which you are going to ask should be the problem which is faced by many people

For example 

Do you write quality content, but still not getting traffic to your blog? “

This type of question is more relatable to the people who are reading your blog because everyone faced the problem of getting traffic to their blog post. 

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So this type of question will help them to get engaged with their blog post so that they can have an idea of what type of problem you are going to solve in this blog post.

2. Explain major facing issues –

You don’t have to give answers to your readers in your blog introduction because a blog introduction is just to elaborate on the questions and queries which readers have and the problem which they are facing. 

So you should discuss some of the problems which they are majorly affected by so that they can easily relate to your blog post with their problems. 

Because people always visit any blog post just to get a solution to the problem. 

So in the introduction part if you explain the problems so they can get Hope or a better idea about your blog content so that they will end up reading your entire blog post by just reading the blog introduction. 

This will make your blog introduction very hooky.

For example – 

Tired of trying multiple niches but still not getting a niche? “

Every blogger faces this problem as a beginner, so if you explained this major faced problem in your blog introduction.

 There is a high chance that they will stick to your blog if they have the same issues which you are talking about 

To find the issues and problems which are most searching on google then you can try this tool 


In this tool, if you search any keyword or niche you will get all the most searched terms by people on google.

By using this tool you can pick any of the problems which you want to cover in your blog post.

But if you want to do keyword research that too for FREE (17 free tools) then I have made a comprehensive blog post on that topic and chosen all the FREE tools which I use and which is highly recommended.


3. Talk about your experience or thought – 

After explaining the problem in your blog introduction you have to share your own experience with that problem and what all thing you have faced and how you overcome that problem

By explaining all your problems related to that topic in your blog introduction, readers will have a good engagement with your blog post

So they will have some sort of hope in your blog post that they will get a solution for their problem by just reading your blog introduction 

That will attract them to the reader the rest of your blog post

Observe yourself, how many blog posts you have read and why did you read them fully?

If you think of this then you might just get an answer within yourself 

Some might have the question in their mind 

That I don’t have any experience in that topic or niche?

So by researching that topic you can express your thoughts or suggestions related to the topic 

Because people always have the curiosity of knowing what’s in your mind, so by expressing your thoughts and experiences you are building your brand in their mind which will help you to get readers into the audience.

4. Include facts –

Always includes facts in your blog post introduction because it creates reliability of the readers into your blog post. 

One thing is to highlight is that whenever you add some facts into your blog post-instruction, make sure you Link out that Source from where you get it. 

People will not trust any statistics or facts unless they have the exact Source. 

Statista is the tool that I always used to find any kind of Statistics or research topic, which I want to write a blog about. So you can use STATISTA. 

It is a free tool that you can use to find out your statistics about any Niche or content, which you are writing. 

Although including facts makes or builds trust in You by the readers which helps you to get more and more engagement rate as compared to others.

5. Explain- how you will solve it 

Explain to your reader how you’re gonna solve that problem. 

And what all things are inside this blog post? 

You can give a quick comprehensive paragraph of what all things are included in this blog post so that if anything feels relevant to them or they wanted something they will read the article.

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6. Express your Research 

Whenever you write a blog post try to express your research regarding that blog post. 

But how

While researching your blog post you have to read 5 to 10 top-ranking blog articles on Google search engine. 

And create a comprehensive summarized way of all that article including your research + experience + knowledge in it. 

For example 

If one blog includes points  A and B 

And another blog includes points B and C.

So you have to include A, B, and C into your blog post in a very summarized and in-depth way. 

So that people will not get disappointed with your blog post by reading it. 

You need to provide as much content researched information you can so that it will build trust in You So then whenever they see your link in any of the platforms they’ll tend to click it because they know that you always provide better content for them.

Conclusion – 

The points which I have mentioned above, you don’t necessarily need to follow all this unless it is applicable. 

For example – For some contents, you will not get statistical information and facts about it so you don’t have to include it. 

The message of this blog post is about you have to include all these things if possible in your blog post, you don’t necessarily need to follow this ascending order. 

You can make your way of writing content. And making your blog introduction as per your need and your wish because if you see many of the big bloggers will find they have their way of writing blog introductions. 

You have to make your way of writing a blog introduction and create your brand by your way of writing. 

Which point do you already follow?

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