7 Tips To Get FREE Traffic From Facebook To Your Website

Get FREE Traffic From Facebook To Your Website

 You don’t want to spend much time on Facebook but still want to get massive traffic from Facebook for free to your website or blog?

Is this possible?

Well, it is possible only if you use the best strategy on Facebook to get free traffic to your website.

To get traffic to a website or blog from google you have to write an SEO friendly article and have to perform keywords research and have to do a lot of other stuff 

But it is not in the case social media because in social media you just have to effectively promote your blog post and you will get the result immediately

That is the best part of social media.

Getting free traffic from Facebook is not that tough job in 2014 but not it is much difficult than before because the Facebook algorithm has changed a lot and become very much strict against any misleading or spammy active 

But don’t worry I have been getting free traffic from Facebook to my blog for about 60% that is a huge number and I have been using Facebook since last year 

My past  one year experience on Facebook is comprehensively written in this blog post Just imagine that you can easily achieve this milestone in just half of the time 

I’ll be giving you the best working tips on Facebook that help you to get free traffic.

Facebook in 2023 – 

According to statista facebook in INDIA expected to reach 444.2 million active users by 2023, from 281 million users in 2018

facebook forcast

Facebook in 2020 – 

Due to the coronavirus and because of this pandemic the Facebook active user increased suddenly 

Facebook in 2020


So I want you all to grab this opportunity and get free traffic for your website or blog.

True story

When I started my blogging business I have just 2 users on my blog post, funny fact is that both 2 users were just of myself only.

I have been searching for free traffic to my blog now and then.

Finally, I came across a youtube video about Facebook groups.

So I quickly join some groups and started sharing my blog content over there

A miracle happened and I got 2 new users on my blog

So I got so excited and joined 20+ groups on Facebook and started sharing my blog post on the Facebook group in a very short time.

Suddenly i got a notification from facebook that my url got banned

 I don’t know what I did?

 But then I figured out I did a lot of spammy things which increased my spam score on Facebook


 I will not let your URL get banned on Facebook because the things which I am going to share in the post are what I am doing for the past one year and I am successfully able to get free traffic from it.

1.Join FB groups not own group

The tips which I am going to talk about in this blog post are practical tips.

As when you started with your first blog post, I want you to create a separate Facebook account in the name of your blog so that you can easily build a brand on that name.

After creating a separate account, the first thing you have to do, join 5 to 10 of your niche related relevant Facebook groups.

While joining the group keep this in your mind – 

  • Avoid private groups – 

You should avoid joining private Facebook groups because whenever you upload any content from your blog post or your URL, it will ask the admin to permit your content. 

This process will take a lot of time because 

The decision is up to the admin whether you want to approve your content or not. 

So it’s better to join a public Facebook group because in that group when you hit the publish button you will be able to see your post live on that group so that you can instantly get traffic from it.

  • Read the rules and regulation of the group – 

Whenever you join a Facebook group, make sure you read the rules and regulations of that group because some Facebook groups have the limitation of publishing content. 

Some Facebook groups have the Restriction of promoting blog posts or posting URLs. 

So you should make sure that whatever group you’re joining should be beneficial for your website or blog. 

Only join those groups where you can promote your blog post.

  • Join only active groups – 

Before joining any group check whether the Members in the group are actively posting in that group or not. 

Because if you join a group where people are not actively using it so you will not get any benefit from it. So it’s better to have a look at the group whether people are active or not

  •  large groups –

It is always highly recommendable to join larger Facebook groups. 

Because in the larger group, you have a high chance of getting much more traffic compared to the small groups. 

A large group in the sense the minimum members should be about 10K or above.

2.Share posts consistently

As now you joined A larger group, now you need to publish your content over there. 

You don’t have to publish just the URL of your blog post or website. You have to write some captions about it. So that people can know what is inside the blog post. Avoid using clickbait 

Avoid using clickbait headings or titles. 

Because according to the latest update of the Facebook algorithm Facebook has reduced the reach of clickbait contents. 

For example –

As a beginner earn seven-figure income by doing?

According to the Facebook new algorithm, Facebook heads reduced the reach of this type of Click bit content. 

So where did your content reach 400 people there It will reach only 10 peoples? 

You have to be very clear about what is inside your blog post and what will readers get if they click on that link.

3.Add feeling to your post and add a story

Marketing is all about how you express your emotions and feelings to your audience. 

So this marketing technique you need to use in your content sharing strategy. 

Rather than adding just the URL of your content with a heading. 

You have to add some feeling story 

You have to add any of your behind-the-scenes or any of your Story related to that content whether it makes them feel happy or sad. 

No matter what. You just have to express your feelings so that people can easily get engaged with your content and thus end up getting Click 

For example 

Whenever I promote my blog post on Facebook, I always add a short with it. So that people can easily understand and engage with

4.Use hashtags

If I ask you, how to get more organic reach on any social media? 

The one thing that pop-up into your mind is a hashtag. 

Because nowadays most of the social media platforms run on the basis of hashtags, like for example, Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Pinterest, etc. 

So whenever you post something on Facebook or any other social media platform, make sure you use a relevant hashtag so that you’ll get more reach on your content. 

So whenever you add some relevant hashtag to your content, it will automatically get identified by the Facebook algorithm that your content is related to a specific topic so that it will show to the people

5.Use buzz sumo

In order to get traffic to your website you need to create content which people are more engaging with and liking that type of content

Buzz sumo help you get the most demanded content on the web related to your niche or topic

You just have to search your topic on it and you will get the result similar to the google search engine but the difference is that you will get result according to the social shares of the blog or website

So by searching your topic over buzz sumo you can easily find the most demanded topic on Facebook as well as on other social media platforms 

These techniques I always use to find viral content Facebook and Pinterest.

You can create similar types of viral content with more in-depth value and can share it on Facebook to get more shares and free traffic for your website or blog.

This brings us to the next point

6.Add Facebook share in your blog

To get more social shares on your blog post. You should have social share icons on your blog post. 

Because no audience wants to put much effort into sharing your content. 

To make the sharing purpose very easy and very fast. You should have social sharing icons on your blog posts. 

Most beginners avoid these things so that they lose the biggest opportunity of getting their content viral on social media. 

The best tool I use is that addthis.com

In this tool, you’ll get a free social share icon for your blog post, including all the social media platforms you want.

7.Add shareable graphs and images to your blog

To get more social shares for their blog images. You should have more shareable content rather than just a random pick of any laptop or computer Etc. 

People only share those contents which they find unique and have some information on it. Because an image says a thousand words than content. 

You can include graphs and any shareable content like stats of any particular thing or any graphic explanation of that content. Or a cartoon effect GIF, etc all those things you can use on your blog post to make your blog more attractive and shareable.

Conclusion – 

In order to get traffic to your blog, you don’t have to just focus on Facebook

Honestly – 

 I am here to guide you towards the best path of blogging, so don’t prefer to just focus on Facebook, I also want you to spread out blog networks and experiment with each and every social media out there.

Because every social media platform works differently for different niches, so if you try multiple social media then you will be able to figure the best one for yourself.

The best part about Facebook is that it is not based on niche, you will get every type of people over there on Facebook. 

That why I highly recommended you to use Facebook to get free traffic for your website or blog

Other social media like Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram these platform takes a lot of time to build a brand over there and to get free traffic but it is not in the case of Facebook 

You just have joined some groups and have to share your content and thus you can successfully get traffic to your website or blog

Let me know your honest feedback and thoughts in the comment 

I will talk to you there 

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