7 Steps I Use to Create Content Strategy for Website

7 Steps I Use to Create Content Strategy for Website

Blindly creating content and publishing it to your website will not work if you have some long-term goals to achieve with your website.

I’ll tell you what happen, On Day 1 you suddenly strict with some ideas related to your content thus you will start working on it but as the day passes you will lose faith in your ideas or you will start noticing the downside of your content ideas. Now you became directionless, right!

Rather than focusing more on one spontaneous content strategy, why not make the best working and practical method to create a content strategy for the website.

Every individual has different goals to achieve with their blog, it could be generating sales, and leads, getting social media followers, getting traffic to monetize it with any ad network, etc.

If you are starting a new website/blog, having a content strategy will reduce some common pit holes. Even starting a micro niche blog  is also a trending blog type if you want to target a particular group of audience (narrowing your audience base with some select group of people)

Creating a content marketing strategy for your website will help you in staying clear with your goal and also make the content marketing process more effective and save a lot of time……….. Really a lot of time!.

If you want to sell a product or service via online marketing then you need to first look at your marketing mix to enhance your digital presence

Making a content strategy varies from person to person, 

To be honest, I as a content creator am different from other content creator, so I am not saying that this is the only way to create a content strategy, you can have your own ways to make a successful strategy once you got to know the basic fundamental of creating one.

Although there is no called a successful strategy, every content strategy you make will get fade after a while thus helping you make a more advance strategy than before…… basically you will improve on your own.

For me, all of my strategies last long for just 2-3 months and I keep on improving them based on my timely requirement 

Now let’s know how to create a content strategy for your website or blog, I will be guiding you and sharing some of my personally tried and tested ways of creating a content strategy for a website

7 Steps to Create Content Strategy for Website

Never follow others

No offense, what I mean by this, is that you don’t have to copy others’ content strategy for your website because the goals vary from person to person.

The goals of your website might be different from the one you are copying the content strategy from. 

You might want to have a content strategy for your blogger but the other is to explain about sales content strategy on the website. 

So better do your research and come up with your own strategy. 

While doing this activity i prefer the 70-30 rule, where I copy 70% of other content strategies and make required modifications to make it more suitable for my website goals.

When I made my first strategy, it was about making all the articles of my blog SEO friendly, so I made a strategy to allocate a particular time slot for certain blogs to make it more efficient.

Have planned result

Before creating any content strategy you need to audit your existing website/blog. 

Things you need to consider before a website content audit

  • Observe and analyze the performing page and evaluate the reason for their performance.

  • Evaluate the downside of your website

  • Analyze the pages for which you need to do some edits (update the page)

  • Do not remove the non-performing page, instead remove the irrelevant page.

After auditing all the pages on your website now you need to take corrective measures to rectify that.

When I start planning content for my Pinterest account I prefer to have a set of research tools through that I can do research and I almost keep to the research process same everything, because I feel that works better for me. 

 Unfortunately, my first Pinterest account got 100k unique visitors but suddenly got suspended

Compare it with others

If you want to create quality content then you have to compare yourself to others. Your comparison should start with how they did? How you can do it better?. This is a real and positive way to do a comparison.

Read blogs, watch videos, podcasts, etc and understand the basic elements you need to include in your list while developing a website content strategy.

When I started comparing my blog with others I noticed that the quality of content reflects in the quality of images that they use, so I figure out a way to be better.

Learn from mistakes

In every stage where you think you are doing your best might be the “not best choice” for you in the future, it’s because now with every change you are developing yourself.

I always heard this saying that “learn from your mistake” but I never really understood the depth of that sentence unless I personally started getting into massive trouble in my life because of my mistakes.

I am not making it a narrow content rather I am generalizing the things so that you can get better with it in all the possible ways.

Make it how you want

There are no written rules to follow while making a content strategy you make it as per your choice and #NoRules #NoGuideline

When it comes to being creative you can be as endless as you can.

For example, if all of your competitors are too saturated with their niche that is the reason they are growing and you feel you don’t want to saturate your content, please don’t. There is no compulsory rule that you have to follow.

Follow the goal

Before directly visualizing your content strategy, do a goal check on your ideas.

Make sure you make a strategy that directly affects your goals. If you want to make 150 extra sales do the necessary action like do extra promotional activities, make more sales funnel, etc and the real task is how you will incorporate all these in your schedule to make it work in a more productive manner. That was where the part of strategy came in.

Make content for people not for you

While planning a strategy, make all the important points got covered like your most viewed web page, the link that got you more sales, the most sold item, etc

Even if your goal is to only make sales not increase visitors and somehow you generate 500k visitors and not even generate a single sale out of it. 

Whether you like it or not, you have to make similar types of pages to have a continuous flow of massive visitors to your website.

Successful Create Content Strategy for Website

How I create a content strategy for my website

I am not going to hide anything regarding how I plan my content strategy for my website. It’s not like I only have 1 website, I also handle 2 more websites of different niches.

So I understand how content strategy works generally.

Prepare Planner for a Month

I am 100% sure about my planner but still, as you continuously work on your activity on a daily basis you will notice a sort of improvement in your skills.

That is why I believe making a planner for more than a month is just a waste of time for me. 

Example – Now I plan 90 days of content ideas, what if that category of the content doesn’t work and I have to change it.

So I prepare a content strategy for just a month in which i decide what to post, how to post, where to post, and how much to post.

Divide and Rule 

Rather than stuffing all the activities in just one place, I just make a separate google sheet for each of my activities to track the performance

This is how I make my strategy –

Sheet 1  – Blog Content 

(here I make a list of blog articles that I want to publish and also write the ideas that I want to work in)

Sheet 2 – Content Promotion 

(here I make a list of URLs that I want to promote to different link parties and social media)

Sheet 3 – Backlink 

(here I jot down the list of URLs for which I have to build backlinks and just to simply have a track of all the backlink work)

Sheet 4 – All in One

This is the main sheet I use, rather than checking out all the activities separately I just update the latest activity here so that I can have track of each and every activity I do.

This is by far the best content strategy I am using, to be more organized and have a continuous track of my growth and content status.

If you want a content strategy template for each sheet feels free to leave it in a comment I’ll share it with you.

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