Instagram DAILY and HOURLY limits (12 Instagram limits to know )

Instagram DAILY and HOURLY limits (12 Instagram limits to know )


Want to build a brand and grow on Instagram but afraid of getting into a spammy account?

In this will know about the limitations and restrictions of Instagram, which you have to follow if you want to build your brand over there. 

Everything mentioned in this blog post is a fully fixed figure rather than just doing guessing work. You will get an accurate number of things which you need to do and you need to avoid. 

Instagram is one of the best platforms when it comes to building a personal brand. 

Instagram has over 1.1. billion active user

For the fact if Instagram would be a country then it would be the third-largest country in the world. 

Because of its active users 

For building a personal brand or branding about something 

I suggest Instagram would be the best tool if you want to build anything related to your product and your brand. 

Instagram has a large number of active users. So building a brand over would be a much better option. 

So while building a brand most of you forget about the spammy things and started putting out more and more efforts without knowing what is good for their account and what is not 

So whenever you start your Instagram account with the motivation or motive to do something on that, the first thing you have to Check out his guideline. 

In this, you will know about all the things that you should do and things you should avoid? So that you will not get into spammy. 

1. Instagram Age Limit – 


Your age should be 13 and above if you want to use Instagram, less than that will no be acceptable by the platform.

2. Instagram Post Limit – 

You can post up to 100 posts an hour, which is practically impossible for anyone to post 100 posts an hour. 

So there is no chance of getting into spam. Indirect there is no restriction on the number of posts you make on Instagram.

But there is some restriction on the types of content.

  • Online Gambling 

  • Sexual content

  • Nude posts

  • Drug dealing

  • Etc 

3. Instagram Caption Limit – 

Instagram caption works as the assistance of sharing your thoughts and feeling behind the pic or videos. 

You can write up to 2200 characters which are around 400 words a mini-article. 


Most of the people use Instagram caption without knowing its worth because if you simply post anything in it and then the chance of getting engagement of audience on the content will be low as compared to when you write a caption.

Because people like to know about other people’s thoughts and mindset, so you can use it as an opportunity to get high engagement with your audience. 

Instagram caption plays a vital role if you want to build your brand or your product or service brand. 

Because Instagram doesn’t allow you to provide links on the description like other social media apps, so this is the only way to engage with your audience after your content.

Here are the perfect example of proper utilization of caption 

Digital Pratik – 

He is a social media communicator as well as an influencer but in this post, there is not any valuable content that can engage with his audience so he perfectly utilizes his caption to keep his audience engaged with his content.

Example 1 –

Digital Pratik

Digital Pratik

Example 2 –

Digital Pratik

Digital Pratik

The best part is that his captions are based on his experience and filled with fact, so it keeps the audience engaging


4. Instagram Hashtags limit – 

You can use hashtags up to 30. More than that will make your account spammy. Instagram is very strict on his community guideline 

If I’ll stop here then you won’t find my post as much valuable because it feels very common, so here is the pro tip for you regarding hashtags


According to my experience hashtags work up to some extent

post insight

post insight

  • Use relevant hashtags  

  • Avoid using hashtags repeatedly 

  •  Avoid using only high-level hashtags

  • Use hashtags on your stories.

5. Story limits – 

You can add up to 100 stories on Instagram but what if you add 101th story?

Then your previous 1st story will be deleted automatically. 

6. DM limits – 

You can’t directly message anyone on Instagram, there are certain limits on it.

You can message 50 – 80 unknown people. 

7. Follow limit –

You can follow up to 7500 people in a day but there is a condition, you can not follow people in bulk with will end up getting into spammy thing.

Go slowly and have patience 

If you are new to Instagram and have a brand new account then you should go very slow like 200 – 300 a day because as your account gets older thus your limits will also increase, so go slow when you starting off and give some time 

8. Like limits –

You can do 60 like per hour but not more than that if you want to play a safe game on Instagram.

9. Comment limits –

You can do 60 comments per hour but while commenting keep in mind that you don’t have to repeatedly post the same comments again and again along with the same emojis 

Facts — “Great”, “Awesome”, “Nice content”, “Helpful video” all these types of comment will consider as an engaging comment

10. Tag limits – 

You can tag up to 20 users in your post

11. Mention limits —

You can mention up to 60 users in the comment section

12. Post limit at a time 

You can post up to 10 posts in slides at a time

You can add a carousel, video, photos, etc.

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Conclusion – 

I have seen many of my friends who wanted to grow on Instagram and they didn’t have any patience, so then massively doing all those things which get counted against the Instagram guideline. 

The first Instagram will give you an action block but still, if you continue doing again-again then your account will get permanently banned from Instagram and you end up getting nothing.

I suggest you have patience and use all legit ways possible to grow on Instagram.

Follow all the limits mentioned above and grow your Instagram account in legit ways

Which Instagram limits are you not aware of?

Let’s have a conversation on the comment.

Instagram DAILY and HOURLY limits (12 Instagram limits to know )

Instagram DAILY and HOURLY limits (12 Instagram limits to know )

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