10 Ways to Write Engaging Tweets (That Actually Works)


10 Ways to Write Engaging Tweets (100% Working)

If you are on social media, then you might or might not know the importance of social media. 

So, I just want to make you clear from my side that why social media is so important, especially Twitter, and also why it is important to write an engaging tweet on Twitter so that we can improve your Twitter account. All these important things, I will discuss in this blog post so you will find them much more relatable and Valuable to you. So stay till the end. 

Now, as you know, in this competitive social media marketing world, every social media plays its important role and unique role in order to present any brand or business online. So, it is always preferable to have social media handle If you want to grow your brand or your business in the world. 

I think you are all aware of the wide audience range on social media. So, this is the biggest benefit for you having a social media account. 

Now, let’s have a look at how social media platforms, really work. 

If you post any content on your social media account regularly, then you will ultimately get some followers, which will ultimately turn into your audience if your product or content feels relevant and useful for them. 

So, it is totally up to you but by using social media, you can actually make some good stuff for your business and you’ll not know how far it is beneficial for you, you can understand all the best possible things for social media by just practically using social media for your business.

Now, as you are talking about social media, then how can we miss Twitter, Because it’s one of the best professional social media platforms which ever-existing the planet till now, 

So it is very important to write some engaging tweets in your account so that people can visit your Twitter handle and can see some valuable pieces of content over there so that they can follow you and you can ultimately grow your followers on Twitter. 

So in this blog post, we will be breaking down all the best ever engaging tips to write some engaging tweets onTwitter, we have to follow certain steps and we have to learn some unique. A unique way of presenting your content on Twitter so that it will make your tweets engaging to people.


In order to write a professional engaging tweet writer, you should be more enough practice with your writing skills. 

To improve your tweet writing skills you need to tweet a lot. So that you will get habituated with the activity of writing engaging tweets. And ultimately, after few times will able to write awesome engaging, tweet for your followers. 

So, the bottom line of this point is that you should write more and more tweets so that you’ll be able to be comfortable with tweeting on Twitter and ultimately able to write engaging tweets after you have to spend a couple of days or months on it.

This is a 100% practical thing I personally tried and I have learned it after spending a couple of months on it.

Observe others 

The second point to writing an engaging tweet, you should observe others’ tweets.

For example, if your Niche is related to blogging and SEO, and digital marketing, then you should observe the Tweet of Neil Patel. 

Because for me he is the ultimate Legend of the SEO industry. So if you are into the SEO industry, then you should definitely see his tweets how he is writing, and how he’s getting more engagement on his tweets and you should try to analyze his ultimate tactics and strategy behind it. 

Whether he is regularly commenting on other tweets and you can see all the activities of him and can observe all the things which he is doing. So that you’ll be able to understand the exact process that how to grow in your Niche on Twitter and ultimately you’ll be able to adopt his way of writing engaging tweets with your own style as well 

So I personally observe most of the people’s tweets, how they all are getting that much engagement on their tweets, and observe their activities. And how many replies they are doing on their Twitter handle, so that they are getting enough followers on Twitter

Engage with others tweets

The third most important part of getting high engagement on your tweets is by replying to others’ tweets and engaging with others. 

The Twitter algorithm works, like the more you engage with other tweets the more people will engage with your tweets. 

So this is the easiest tactic you need to follow to get a high engagement on your tweets but why people are not using it because it is very time-consuming, that’s what people fail to use this trick and they want quick growth without putting many efforts, which is not at all possible. 

Writing an awesome tweet is not solely important as compared to engaging with other tweets. So if you engage with others’ tweets, then ultimately that people will engage with your tweets. So in that way, you will get much more engagement in your tweets. 

So you need to observe other tweets as well and also you need to comment on the tweets and reply to each and every comment so that you’ll be able to engage with that audience and ultimately they can turn into your followers.

Are you funny???

First thing, you need to ask yourself that are you funny in your tweets?? Because this is one of the most important parts when you want to grow on Twitter faster and want to build a loyal followers group

Are you funny?? you need to ask yourself again and again because Twitter is a short phrase engaging, professional platform.

And if you stay boring in it, then people will not be able to engage with your tweets because they want to get an interesting tweet rather than boring tweets. So if you are informative about your tweets, Then people will engage with your tweets not as compared to if you are humorous, in your tweets.

So adding humor to your tweets, the best way to get more and more engagement with your followers and increasing your engagement rate on Twitter. 

So, the bottom line of this point is you have to be humorous in your tweets. So that people will be able to engage with your tweets very much

Analysis your Twitter

And the next important thing that comes into mind when it’s come to increasing your engagement rate on Twitter and growing more followers on Twitter, you need to analyze your growth on it. 

Now to analyze your growth of Twitter, there are plenty of outside tools and platforms where you can analyze your Twitter. But the best thing is you can use the Twitter PC version, where you able to see and analytics of your Twitter handle which is very helpful to make your Twitter more engaging then you can understand which of your tweets are getting more likes and views of your tweets and accordingly you can do tweets.

Use visuals 

One of the best ways to attract your followers on Twitter and to write engaging to is you tweets by using some visuals. 

Visuals in the sense you need to add images videos, gif’s, or any kind of attractive stuff in your tweets. 

So that if people see your tweets, they might not engage with your content. They will engage with your visuals. This is the basic mindset behind adding some visuals in your tweets. 

And make sure whatever you do on Twitter, should be funny. Don’t be so much serious on Twitter, because people don’t like seriousness in their tweets. People like to see funny and attractive tweets with visuals like images or GIF types of content. So make sure you add some visuals and be funny guys.

Add BTS 

And one of the important and most attractive things you can do on any social media, Including Twitter as well that you can add some behind the scenes iIn your tweets. 

Most people like to see behind the scenes. So, if you add some BTS in your tweets, then you might get much more engagement with your tweets as compared to if you share your main content. 

Because everyone like to see how you work and what type of things you do and you have. So, if you share some BTS with your followers, then it might get a much more engaging rate as compared to normal tweets. So make sure you add behind the scenes in your tweets to get more engagement on Twitter.

Share relevant info 

The most important things come into our mind when we try to write some engaging content, is we should add some valuable and relevant information to our followers. 

Relevant in the sense. If you are into the digital marketing Niche, then you should add some real content relevant and informative content related to digital marketing rather than adding some political issue content. 

Because I have seen many of the people on Twitter that they are going out of their topic and creating some content you might get engagement on the Tweet, but it will know last long 

Because you are building your brand regarding your digital marketing then how can you put content related to political issues? So your followers will get confused and ultimately you end up getting a negative impact on your followers count. 

Because the people were followed you for your digital marketing content, unfollow you. Because you are now treating regarding some political issues and they are not getting any value from your tweets. So ultimately your main goal on Twitter will be lost. So make sure you add relevant information related to your niche.

Promote your business 

And you can also promote your business on Twitter and sharing information and content related to your business as well. So that people can know about you in a much better manner, and ultimately, you will get much more engagement on Twitter. 

Because everyone likes to see what you are doing currently. So if you share your content related to business, then people can have an idea about what you are doing and who you are exactly. 

So which will help you to get higher engagement. If you share your content related to your business and your side hustling thing

Stay consistent 

And another very important thing is to stay consistent on Twitter because no one likes to see some instant tweets. 

No matter how much valuable content, you are providing to your followers, they will still unfollow you if you stay inconsistent in your Twitter, 

So it’s better to stay consistent and provide as much value as you can, don’t wait for the quality content, just stay quantitative at the beginning level. Once you get some or build some brand on it, then you can find qualitative content other than that, you should stay quantitative at the beginning of your Twitter Journey.

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