Best 200+ Unique Instagram Captions for Every Post

Best 200+ Unique Instagram Captions (2021
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 Do you want to express your feelings through Instagram caption?

Then you are at the right place because in this blog post you will get almost all types of the Instagram caption.

Which type of Instagram caption you will get?

  • #50 Instagram captions for selfies
  • #50 Short Instagram captions
  • #50 Attitude captions for Instagram 
  • #50 Cool captions for Instagram

According to statista, by 2023 the projected users of Instagram will range up to 988 million across the worldwide

Everyone is posting the same stuff on their Instagram account

Then, how will your photos stand out from other Instagram users?

So, here is the role of Instagram caption comes into exists

Research showed that writing an Instagram caption will hook your followers 7% more than the photos without captions.

So don’t forget to share your thoughts and feeling on your Instagram caption

All these Instagram captions you can copy and use, to stand out amongst your friends

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How to write Amazing Instagram Caption tips –

Instagram captions for selfies – 

Captions for selfies are a great way to express your thoughts or feelings that you have while clicking that picture.

Because people are always looking forward to knowing your thoughts and thus this will increase more engagement with your followers

  1. Life is wonderful when you approach it with a smile.
  2. One genuine smile speaks a lot
  3. I can’t find a much better half for me than myself
  4. Life is very short to stay serious.
  5. Happy to real
  6. Here are a few emojis to express my feeling
  7. It’s never late to express happiness to whom we love
  8. I am in a relationship with myself
  9. I don’t need a better half because I am already a complete person
  10. I find myself comfortable
  11. Problem is when you think it is a problem
  12. I make a comparison, but in a different way, that is with my past
  13. My past was awesome because I deserved it
  14. My confidence level is nothing to do with filters
  15. Positive vibes come from positive places
  16. Instagram filter = Confidence
  17. I am trying to best with myself
  18. Self-love is the best love
  19. People will knot love you unless you love yourself
  20. This is my ways of getting into your screen
  21. My sweat decide my future
  22. Working hard to make my future easy
  23. 20 min workout every day = consistency 
  24. Legends thinking starts from where people stop thinking
  25. Trying to working out for myself
  26. This is my ways of expressing feelings
  27. No words to express my feeling
  28. I am grateful
  29. I am very blessed for what I have
  30. I don’t buy luxury items because I don’t need to show off to others
  31. Show off never last long
  32. I love my genuine and happy life
  33. Simplicity lie where people stop thinking of others
  34. I am good to be simple
  35. Everyone is poor in some or the other way
  36. I am not perfect, I am just real
  37. Being honest with myself
  38. The best way to know something is to try it
  39. Dark under eyes decide whether you are making the future or destroying the future
  40. This is my way of living life
  41. The worlds are exactly the mirror of myself
  42. I have the same 24 hours which Elon musk had
  43. I will make myself proud one day
  44. Living life on my way
  45. I am blessed because I have the best human to guide me, my parents
  46. My goal is to make my parents proud
  47. What you can see is what I am 
  48. I am the exact portrait of what I show
  49. I am documenting my emotions
  50. Every selfie has a beautiful story 

Short Instagram caption – 

These short Instagram captions you can use for selfies and other types of photos.

  1. Have fun 
  2. Just on focus mode
  3. Morning vibe
  4. Savage
  5. Sweeter
  6. Me time
  7. Dating with myself
  8. Having coffee with my better half
  9. Nice day ahead
  10. Positive morning
  11. Kickstarted my day
  12. Everything natural
  13. Genuine expression
  14. Random click
  15. Trying out the best angel
  16. This is how I feel
  17. Feeling great
  18. Grateful
  19. Goal-oriented
  20. Hustling 
  21. Separated time for myself
  22. Work-life balance
  23. Trying to be fit
  24. This is hoe I feeling right now
  25. My favorite
  26. Self-love
  27. Self-care
  28. Energetic 
  29. Humble
  30. Realize my worth
  31. Being happy 
  32. Happiness drives people like crazy 
  33. No one can afford me happiness
  34. Happy vibe
  35. Natural look
  36. Make-up + filter feel awesome
  37. Make a choose
  38. I am more than what I thought
  39. Smiling with eyes
  40. Positive body language
  41. You are not the one
  42. Clever thought
  43. Don’t dare to act like other
  44. Have your own identity
  45. Live life every day
  46. Everyday start with a fresh page
  47. Be your own scriptwriter of life
  48. Worlds is the same, just people changed
  49. People changed the world
  50. In a path of development

Attitude caption for Instagram –

If you want to know your real attitude and your ways to behave in a very alpha way then you can use this attitude caption.

This is for all types of singles, couples, introverted, friends,

  1. Never treat me like ordinary 
  2. I deserve the best version
  3. Don’t try to judge me
  4. You can’t understand me, it’s way more difficult 
  5. Put your hands before your mouth
  6. People don’t believe you unless you become a champion 
  7. Prove it rather than explaining 
  8. I got nothing but dream inside 
  9. Don’t speak just do it
  10. My attitude doesn’t visible in the Instagram caption 
  11. Success without struggle is like an ice-cream in summer 
  12. Only the final result matters
  13. Life is exactly the opposite of what we thought 
  14. No one deserves me, apart from myself
  15. I am grateful because I have all the thing to be successful 
  16. 14. I love myself so much ( positive affirmation )
  17. Peoples will not change by your efforts, they will change by your result 
  18. Success is not what we think, it’s what we deserve 
  19. Hard work + patient +consistency = success
  20. Find Success in small things to make it big
  21. I don’t need any attrition to impress others
  22. I want to struggle, I want to fly but I don’t want to stop
  23. One day it will happen, Just be confident from day one
  24. I don’t live to impress, I live to express
  25. Just try to live the movement rather than trying to create it
  26. I will stick with my decision 
  27. I don’t wish for an easy life
  28. Success means happiness, not money
  29. I don’t care what you think of me
  30. Become something to say anything 
  31. This is a difficult chapter of my life
  32. No one is stopping you except yourself 
  33. I have no time to waste on you
  34. If you have a dream, go and pursue it
  35. No one will help you to wake up early 
  36. No one will take actions for you
  37. Death happens once in a life but you can leave life every day 
  38. The attitude that makes the difference between lion and elephant
  39. Attitude matters- lion: how to eat other animals: how to run
  40. Failure is the first step to getting towards your goal
  41. A successful man without failure called luckily and I don’t wanna be lucky 
  42. The most unlucky person is one who wins his first gambling match 
  43. I wanna be the first millionaire from my family and I will do what it takes 
  44. 6 months of hustling equally to 2 years of normal people 
  45. One day the ” Entrepreneur ” title will be with my name
  46. Everyone’s life is like a white paper and it’s on you that what you wanna fill in
  47. The ultimate goal should not be money, it should happiness
  48. You don’t have to be a millionaire for being happy 
  49. It’s not about the money its about happiness 
  50. Earn to leave rather show off

Cool captions for Instagram – 

These captions are the best ways to show your coolness amongst your friends and followers.

All captions show a kind and relaxing person

  1. Feel the chill
  2. Sometimes is better  to stay happy 
  3. Not day one but one day 
  4. I have nothing to lose but I have the whole universe to gain
  5. Sunday means my day 
  6. I have a lot more things to do instead of being sad
  7. I don’t care 
  8. Don’t care about me because I don’t
  9. Endless summer 
  10. Finding myself cool
  11. Cool captions come from cool guys 
  12. I am separate from my past
  13. It’s not the game of money 
  14. Finding divine love 
  15. Hope everyone is awesome because you are seeing this caption
  16. Chill bro 
  17. Don’t be serious 
  18. Peace out 
  19. Nothing is cooler than you being cooler 
  20. I don’t care is a coolest attitude 
  21. It’s about today
  22. All about tonight 
  23. One day is started from today 
  24. What do you think of this?
  25. Everyone is awesome just you need to be self-aware
  26. Self-awareness is the game-changer 
  27. Now you chill at the party, tomorrow I will be chilled in my life
  28. Come on let’s do it
  29. Having fun tonight 
  30. Freaking fried Friday
  31. All about now 
  32. Being crazy 
  33. Awesome world ahead
  34. Forward love rather than hate
  35. Rules are always made to break
  36. Cross your limits 
  37. Just do it rather than regretting it in the future 
  38. Natural light is kissing my face
  39. There is nothing better than being kind 
  40. Natural light is the best filter I had
  41. Official summer 
  42. Creative ideas come in the creative mind
  43. My heart feels heaven 
  44. Spending time with family 
  45. Me time is quality time 
  46. Being dam cool so that they can’t ignore me
  47. I don’t have to be conscious about what people think
  48. Only my opinion matter
  49. Stop being a jerk for a relationship
  50. I know I am introverted

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