Lupin Season 3 – Latest Release Date, Cast, Plot, Expectation

Lupin Season 3 - Latest Release Date, Cast, Plot, Expectation

Lupin, the French mystery thriller streaming series, has been a massive hit on Netflix since its debut in 2021. The show follows Assane Diop (Omar Sy), a charismatic gentleman thief who is inspired by the fictional character Arsène Lupin.

Lupin Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger, with Assane on the run from the police after being framed for the murder of Hubert Pellegrini (Hervé Pierre). Fans have been eagerly awaiting news about Lupin Season 3, and now we finally have some updates.

Release Date of Lupin Season 3

Lupin Season 3 will be released on Netflix on October 5, 2023. This was announced at Netflix’s TUDUM event in September 2022.

The Cast of Lupin Season 3

The main cast of Lupin is expected to return for Season 3, including:

  • Omar Sy as Assane Diop, a professional thief who is inspired by Arséne Lupin
  • Ludivine Sagnier as Claire Diop, Assane’s ex-wife
  • Etan Simon as Raoul Diop, Assane and Claire’s son
  • Clotilde Hesme as Juliette Pellegrini, the daughter of Hubert Pellegrini, the man who framed Assane’s father for a crime he didn’t commit
  • Hervé Pierre as Hubert Pellegrini, a wealthy businessman and Assane’s nemesis
  • Vincent Londez as Captain Romain Laugier, a police officer who is tracking Assane down
  • Shirine Boutella as Lieutenant Sofia Belkacem, a police officer who is Laugier’s partner

Plot of Lupin Season 3

Lupin Season 3 will pick up where the previous season left off, with Assane on the run from the police. He will also have to contend with the fallout from his revenge plot against Hubert Pellegrini.

According to the official synopsis, “Now in hiding, Assane must learn to live far from his wife and son. With the suffering they endure because of him, Assane can’t stand it any longer and decides to return to Paris to make them a crazy proposal: leave France and start a new life elsewhere.”

However, Assane’s plans are complicated by the return of an unexpected figure from his past. This person will force Assane to confront his past and make some difficult choices.

Expectations for Lupin Season 3

Lupin Season 3 is one of the most anticipated Netflix shows of 2023. Fans are eager to see how Assane’s story will unfold and whether he will be able to clear his name and reunite with his family.

Based on the trailers and teasers that have been released so far, it looks like Lupin Season 3 will be even better than the previous two seasons. The show’s creators have promised more thrilling action, suspenseful twists, and heartwarming moments.

What to Expect from Lupin Season 3

  • More thrilling action: Lupin is known for its stylish and exciting action sequences. Season 3 promises to deliver even more of the same, with Assane engaging in some daring heists and chases.
  • Suspenseful twists: Lupin is also known for its clever and unpredictable plot twists. Season 3 is sure to keep you guessing with its twists and turns.
  • Heartwarming moments: Assane is a complex and likable character. Season 3 will give us more opportunities to see his softer side and his love for his family.

New Characters in Lupin Season 3

  • Lenormand: A police officer who is determined to bring Assane to justice.
  • Isabelle: A journalist who is investigating Hubert Pellegrini’s death.
  • Victor: A mysterious figure from Assane’s past.

Why You Should Watch Lupin Season 3

Lupin is a must-watch show for fans of mystery, thrillers, and action. It is also a great show for fans of French culture and cinema.

Lupin is well-written, well-acted, and well-produced. The show is also incredibly stylish and visually appealing.

If you are looking for a new show to watch on Netflix, I highly recommend Lupin Season 3. It is sure to entertain and thrill you from start to finish.

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