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Release Date of kung fu panda 4 (2022) | Hookycrash

Kung fu panda 4 is an action-comedy martial art film. This is the 4th edition of the kung fu panda movie 

Kung fu panda 1,2 and 3 had a massive hit at the box office and really made his fans excited about the fourth part of it.

Release date of kung fu panda – Time of Courage

The comedy-action martial art Dreamworks animation movie is said to be released by March 2024. This fourth series of kung fu panda is a creativity-based martial art movie. The kung fu panda 4 trailer is yet to be released. Dragon Warrior Po has a unique fan base for his coolness.

Kung Fu Panda (from beginning till Now)

Previously in the First edition of Kung fu panda (PART 1), we have seen how we got to find dragon warrior by great master Oogway (Turtle Style)

In the first part, we saw the destiny of the Dragon warrior (Po) to defeat Tai lung – the Villian of Kung fu panda. 

In kung fu panda 2, which is the continuation of part 1. Here we got to see how PO defeated master Shen (Peacock) along with it Po also got to know that he is adopted by a goose, he is not the real son of a goose.

To his shock, he went in search of his real panda family. Suddenly a group of wolves attacked the valley while fighting with them and saving the valley Po found a familiar sign in the arms of the wolf. 

With this Po got a flash of his childhood family memories and figured out that master she knows about his family. 

Master Shen wants to destroy the whole kung fu culture and wants to set up this army in the whole of China. The further story talks about how dragon warrior Po defeated master Shen and saved china along the journey Po also learned new skills.

Kung-fu Panda 3, the villain of this movie is the greatest monster of all times till now in kung fu panda history.

The name of the villain is Kai, mast Oogway and Kai were best friends and they learned a skill called Chi.

Because Kai made misuse of Chi, master Oogway had to fight with him and put him into a different dimension.

After 500 years, Kai become more strong and he even defeated master Oogway.

Now he became unstoppable, the only person who can defend him is a master of Chi.

So, Po has to learn Chi and he also got his real father and went to panda village.

What will be there in Kung-fu Panda 4 – Time of Courage 

It is believed that in kung-fu panda 4, all the strongest villains and new wild monster villains will be introduced they together fight with dragon warrior Po.

And also PO will be trained with some new skill set to reach the master level of kung fu to fight with all the villains 

Cast of Kung Fu Panda 4 

Here are some of the leading characters of Kung fu panda and cast of it who doing voice over for that characters

Jack Black 

PO (Dragon Warrior)

Dustin Hoffman

Master Shifu

Jackie Chan


Seth Rogen


Angelina Jolie


Lucy Liu


James Hong

Mr. Ping

David Cross


Randall Duk Kim


Lan McShane

Tai Lung

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