Top 21 Best Depression Songs (with Lyrics) Of All Time


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Depression is a more severe form of sadness that leaves a person feeling hopeless and unworthy and promotes laziness.

People occasionally suffer situational depression, which is a common emotion brought on by stressful circumstances including losing a loved one, or their work, or feeling lost. The best depression songs that put things in perspective have been compiled by me, and we think they might help you cope when things get tough.

These are the songs you can listen to when you are depressed and that will help you to relate with the singer to make you feel that you are not alone and are facing situational depression and sad.

When you’re fighting the negative thoughts in your head, listening to songs about depression may make you feel less alone.

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The depression songs might be really depressing at times, but they can also give you new life and inspiration to keep going. You have arrived at the ideal location if you’re looking for sad tunes to cry to. So let’s get started with our favorite gloomy song.  You can also make a playlist out of it by looking at the depression song lyrics mentioned

21 Best depression song of all time that will make you feel good.

1 Lie – by NF

 lyrics of Lie song 

“I heard you told your friends that I’m just not your type

If that’s how you really feel, then why’d you call last night?

You say all I ever do is just control your life

But how you gonna lie like that, how you gonna lie like that?”

2 In the Stars – by Benson Boone

 lyrics of In the Stars song 

Oh, it hurts so hard

For a million different reasons

You took the best of my heart

And left the rest in pieces”

3 Devil Doesn’t Bargain – by Alec Benjamin

 lyrics of Devil Doesn’t Bargain song

“It’s useless, don’t do this

It’s hubris to try

He’s ruthless, you knew this

I told you, didn’t I?

He’s abusive, elusive

The truth is, he lies

I know you don’t want to let go”

4 Alone – by Alan Walker

 lyrics of Alone song

“I”Lost in your mind

I wanna know

Am I losing my mind?

Never let me go”

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5 Faded – by Alan Walker

 lyrics of Faded song

“You were the shadow to my light

Did you feel us?

Another star, you fade away

Afraid our aim is out of sight

Wanna see us alight”

6 Snap- by Rosa Linn

 lyrics of Snap song

“It’s 4 AM

I can’t turn my head off

Wishing these memories would fade

They never do

Turns out people lied

They said, “Just snap your fingers”

As if it was really that easy for me to get over you”

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7 Home- by Edith Whiskers

 lyrics of Home song

“IMan, oh man, you’re my best friend

I scream it to the nothingness

There ain’t nothing that I need”

8 Go- by Cat Burns

 lyrics of Go song

“Tried calling yesterday but got your voicemail again

Rushed over to your uni hall, saw her leaving your place

You said you fucked up on a night out

You drank way too much, you’re feeling bad now

You’re tryna figure out how to worm your way out”

9 Mercy – by Shawn Mendes

 lyrics of Mercy song

“I’d drive through the night

Just to be near you, baby

Heart open, testify

Tell me that I’m not crazy”

10 Numb Little Bug – by Em Beihold

 lyrics of Numb Little Bug song

“The prescriptions on its way

With a name I can’t pronounce

And the dose I gotta take

Boy, I wish that I could count”

11 Dandelions – by Ruth B

lyrics of Dandelions song

“Maybe, it’s the way you say my name

Maybe, it’s the way you play your game

But it’s so good, I’ve never known anybody like you

But it’s so good, I’ve never dreamed of nobody like you”

12 How Do I Say Goodbye- by Dean Lewis

lyrics of How Do I Say Goodbye song

“Early morning there’s a message on my phone

It’s my mother saying, “Darling, please come home”

I fear the worst, but how could you leave us all behind?

There’s so much to say but there’s so little time”

13 Die First- by Nessa Barrett

lyrics of Die First song

“You’re all I ever wanted

So, how come I’m still haunted by the thoughts inside my head?

You love me but no matter what you say

There’s only one of two ways that this is gonna end”

14 Atlantic – by Seafret

lyrics of Atlantic song

“The birds have left their trees

The light pours onto me

I can feel you lying there all on your own

We got here the hard way

All those words that we exchange

Is it any wonder things get broke?”

15 Hold On – by Chord Overstreet

lyrics of Hold On song

“You locked yourself in the bathroom

Lying on the floor when I break through

I pull you in to feel your heartbeat

Can you hear me screaming? Please don’t leave me”

16 Behind Blue Eyes- by Limp Bizkit

lyrics of Behind Blue Eyes song

“No one knows what it’s like

To be the bad man

To be the sad man

Behind blue eyes”

17 Changes- by XXXtentacion

lyrics of Changes song

“Mmm, baby, I don’t understand this

You’re changing, I can’t stand it

My heart can’t take this damage

And the way I feel, can’t stand it

Mmm, baby, I don’t understand this

You’re changing, I can’t stand it

My heart can’t take this damage

And the way I feel, can’t stand it

Mmm, baby, I don’t understand it”

18 Everyone at this party – by Camila Cabello

lyrics of Everyone at this party song

“But everyone at this party isn’t you

Everyone at this party isn’t you

You’re the only one I wanna run into

But I never do

Everyone at this party isn’t you

Everyone at this party isn’t you

I don’t wanna search for you in every room

But I always do”

19 Sign of the times- by Harry Styles

lyrics of Sign of the times song

“Just stop your crying

It’s a sign of the times

Welcome to the final show

Hope you’re wearing your best clothes

You can’t bribe the door on your way to the sky

You look pretty good down here

But you ain’t really good”

19 Arcade- by Duncan Laurence

lyrics of Arcade song

“JA broken heart is all that’s left

I’m still fixing all the cracks

Lost a couple of pieces when

I carried it, carried it, carried it home”

20 Easy on me – by Adele

lyrics of easy on me song

“There ain’t no gold in this river

That I’ve been washin’ my hands in forever

I know there is hope in these waters

But I can’t bring myself to swim

When I am drowning in this silence

Baby, let me in”

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