16 Classics Sadness Songs To Bring You Comfort – Recommended

Classics Sadness Songs To Bring You Comfort

 Sometimes we are at a phase of life where we piled up so much emotion within us and feel like bursting those negative or unusual emotions through listening to sadness songs.

The sad songs and the lyrics mentioned here will help you when you feel like want to cry.

Never undervalue the power to heal tremendous sad songs if you’re feeling exhausted or stressed about life. Even though it seems paradoxical, some of the finest slow, emotional songs encourage us to identify our emotions, which is a difficult but essential first step.

All the popular songs mentioned here are about sadness, breakups, death, etc. I recommend this song because it has sad lyrics with a beautiful composition with piano and guitar that hold the soul in the song

The most depressing songs almost appear to dwell in the shadows with you rather than merely complain and make gestures at your negative sentiments.

The finest composers understand how to make it feel as though they are in your alone apartment with you, giving you a compassionate shoulder to cry on. As they say, sorrow loves company. These songs understand precisely what you’re going through, whether you’re lamenting the loss of a relationship or the death of a dear one, or are actually feeling down and depressed.

You can listen to this sad song on youtube, Spotify, etc, and create a playlist to cry to

List 15 Recommended sadness songs when you want to cry

Arcade by Duncan Laurence

Heartbreak anniversary by Giveon

Diamonds by Sam Smiths

Sweater Weather by Kurt Hugom Maxs, Alyson stoner

Photograph by Ed Sheeran

Someone you loved by Lewis Capaldi

I’m a mess by Bebe Rexha

Midnight rain by Taylor Swift

All the kids are depressed by Jeremy Zucker

Let me down slowly by Alec Benjamin

Ghost by Justin Bieber

Wolves by Selena Gomez, Marshmello

Don’t you worry child by Madelyn Bailey

 Without you by kid laroi

Princesses Don’t cry by Carys

Lost by Maroon 5

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