Violent Night (2022) – Review | Rating | Cast | Release Date


Violent Night (2022) - Review | Rating | Cast | Release Date

Violent Night Movie Release Date

Violent Night a classic christmas movies will be releasing on 2nd December 2022 in your nearest theaters 

The United States debut of Violent Night will take place on December 2, 2022, according to Universal Pictures. It had its world premiere at the New York Comic Con on October 7, 2022.

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Violent Night Movie Cast


David harbor

Santa Claus

John Leguizamo

Mr. Scrooge

Alex hassell

Jason Lightstone

Alexis Louder

Linda Mathew

Cam Gigandet

Morgan Lightstone

Beverlt D’Angelo

Gertrude Lightstone


Violent Night Trailer 

Violent Night Has A Ultra-Violent Santa Claus In David Harbor

Violent Night Review 

When a group of mercenaries invades a mansion belonging to a wealthy family on Christmas Eve and holds everyone inside captive, they are unprepared for a surprise enemy: Santa Claus is present and about to demonstrate why this Nick is not a saint.

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A traditional holiday film with a twist is called Violent Night. This is not a family holiday movie because it contains graphic violence and many amusing scenes.

We watch a traditional Christmas movie on the couch while enjoying popcorn and family over the holiday season. There are many excellent ones, from Home Alone to Elf, but until now, none of them had the potential to become an all-time classic. The brutality and inappropriateness of Violent Night are exactly what viewers should expect from the teaser.

Violent Night (2022) - Review | Rating | Cast | Release Date

Violent Night was essentially assured to be a fantastic time because it was produced by David Leitch, who has worked on all of the John Wick films, Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2, and most recently Bullet Train. And it does not dissapoint.

In this film, mercenaries steal into the home of a wealthy family on Christmas, and Santa Claus comes to the rescue. You do not want to be on Saint Nick’s naughty list, believe us when we say that David Harbour plays the role.

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We all knew it would have some epic violence given the title’s reference to violence, and that’s exactly what happened. It is excellent and has a distinct John Wick and Home Alone vibe. This film features some enormous set pieces, with the ones near the end really standing out. When watching a film like Violent Night, the audience will be searching for brutality and entertainment.

The way to see this movie is in a crowded room with three thousand superfans, like we did at the first-ever audience screening at New York Comic Con 2022. Sure, it made the experience much more delightful, but since it will soon be showing in cinemas worldwide, we advise watching it there rather than waiting to watch it at home. It has several jaw-dropping and belly-laughing moments, which is precisely what you want in a movie like this and will make watching it with an audience more enjoyable.

That the violence will be too extreme is one worry some viewers might have. Don’t get us wrong, Violent Night has its ludicrous moments, but it never feels like the gore is there for the sake of being gory. Overall, it’s somewhat subdued, which enables it to concentrate more on the narrative when appropriate.

Violent Night (2022) - Review | Rating | Cast | Release Date

The picture is more than just action-packed and gruesome thanks to David Harbour’s comedy and comedic timing. As Harbour is the one carrying Violent Night, Santa Claus makes for some incredibly funny moments. As he really embraces this role and the utter absurdity of the situation, it is without a doubt the funniest movie of the year thus far.

Character interactions are perfectly executed. Although it has a R rating, the tale itself has the vibe of many other Christmas movies. The only thing that could prevent it from becoming a true Christmas classic is how inappropriate it is. Nevertheless, this will be watched every holiday season by adults and older teenagers.

The fact that it is a typical Christmas movie also means that it doesn’t get very deep. The narrative is quite mediocre. The same holiday themes and messages are presented to audiences; there are no real twists and turns. However, there was no actual need to make this a profound film. What makes this movie so fun to watch is that the creators didn’t overcomplicate it with deeper meaning and inappropriate themes.

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Violent Night is, in the end, an incredible blast. One of the year’s funniest films is it. Violent Night is a must-watch because it is full of vicious action that will have you squealing and laughing.

Violent Night Rating 

80%Rotten Tomatoes

Violent Night scored 80 percent on Rotten Tomatoes

7/10 IGN

Violent Night scored 7 out of 10 on IGN.


Where to watch Violent Night moview?

Violent Night going to be in theatres from 2nd December 2022

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