The Santa Clauses (2022) | Review | Release Date | Cast

The Santa Clauses (2022) | Review | Release Date | Cast

Release Date: The Santa Clauses (2022)

The first two episodes of The Santa Clauses premiere on November 16 on the Disney+ streaming service.

The Santa Clauses Trailer 2022


The Santa Clauses Episodes

E01 · Chapter One: Good to Ho

16 Nov 2022

E02 · Chapter Two: The Secessus Clause

16 Nov 2022

E03 · Chapter Three: Into the Wobbly Wood

23 Nov 2022

E04 · Chapter Four: The Shoes off the Bed Clause

30 Nov 2022

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The Santa Clauses Cast (2022)

Eric Lloyd

As – Charlie Calvin

Tim Allen

As – Scott Calvin

David Krumholtz

As -Bernard

Elizabeth Mitchell

As – Mrs. Claus

Elizabeth Allen-Dick

As – Sandra Calvin-Claus

Austin Kane

As – Calvin-Claus

Kal Penn

As – Simon Choksi

Matilda Lawler

As – Betty

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The Santa Clauses Review


The Santa Clauses scored 5.9 out of 10 on IMDb.

58%Rotten Tomatoes

The Santa Clauses scored 58 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

3.5/5Tell-Tale TV

Tim Allen reprises his role as Scott Calvin, the former toy salesman who transformed into Santa Claus, in the Disney+ series, which takes place decades after the events of the 2006 movie The Santa Clause 3 film: The Escape Clause. Scott and his wife Carol (Elizabeth Mitchell) find themselves considering what happens after life at the North Pole as Scott starts to suspect he’s reaching the end of his time as jolly old St. Nick after years of serving as the sleigh-riding, gift-giving, and self-managing emblem of Christmas.

But Scott runs into some roadblocks in his search for a replacement, and he finds himself torn between deciding who to pick and, more crucially, if Santa has any future at all.

The Santa Clauses offers a similar vibe to those who have seen the first three movies in The Santa Clause franchise because it continues to celebrate the silliness of Santa Claus lore while trying to make sincere statements about all the typical Christmas movie themes, such as the value of family and the risks of allowing commercialization to ruin the “spirit of the holiday,” etc. However, over the course of three movies, the franchise has leaned more toward its goofy side and has evolved into something more comedic than sweet, garnering worse reviews with each new release.

Allen easily transitions back into Santa’s outfit and sleigh in The Santa Clauses, which feels like the franchise’s silliest installment to date.

He is joined by Mitchell and a fun ensemble of players portraying elves, other members of Scott’s family, and several contenders for the role of the new Santa Claus. Except when it’s not, it’s a charmingly silly romp most of the time.

After a 16-year break, it makes sense that the series would have had plenty of time to forgo the tired, rehashed jokes, survey the audience, and come up with a more contemporary, current take on what appears to be the final installment of Allen’s Santa Claus tale. Sadly, the first two episodes of the series give the impression that the time may not have been wisely spent.

By isolating what viewers are connected to in the original program or film and filtering it through a more modern lens, many recent, successful franchise revivals have won over both new and old fans, making it relevant in ways that feel new but still preserve the charm of what came before. It is true that The Santa Clauses seems contemporary, but not in the sense you might anticipate.

The Santa Clauses doesn’t hold back from peppering its first two episodes with the kinds of sociopolitical, “War on Christmas”-fueled jabs that are certain to make it a divisive project this holiday season, whether it’s due to the influence of Allen himself — who has been outspoken about his right-wing politics — or showrunner Jack Burditt, who created Allen’s long-running, but controversial alpha-male sitcom Last Man Standing.

Allen’s Santa Claus quotes a common right-wing talking point early in the first episode, lamenting, “You can’t even say ‘Merry Christmas to all anymore!” when confronted with the idea that people no longer care about Christmas, a premise that should seem absurd to anyone who’s visited a department store recently. It doesn’t take long for this particular Santa Claus to begin to feel like he’s spent too much of the Christmas offseason watching Fox News, as the remainder of that episode and the second episode of the show reiterate that sentiment.

It would be an understatement to say that it takes some of the joy out of the plot, but with only two episodes left, the show’s plans for its right-wing Santa are almost surely going to make or break it

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