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Kung fu panda 2008 movie is a martial art film by dreamwork animation. This movie was produced in order to promote the culture of martial art amongst the kids.

The movie is full of peace, comedy action, and very strong dialogue.

I personally watched a whole movie series of kung fu panda.

Po (panda) is a leading character of the movie who has been selected as a dragon warrior by master Oogway(Turtle)

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Cast of Kung Fu Panda

Here are some of the leading characters of Kung fu panda and cast of it who doing voice over for that characters

Jack Black 

PO (Dragon Warrior)

Dustin Hoffman

Master Shifu

Jackie Chan


Seth Rogen


Angelina Jolie


Lucy Liu


James Hong

Mr. Ping

David Cross


Randall Duk Kim


Lan McShane

Tai Lung

“Kung Fu Panda” is a film with a title that almost speaks for itself. You intuit (and you will be correct) that the panda stars in an against-all-odds formula that devastates him to triumph since it is so difficult to imagine a huge cuddly panda performing martial-arts encounters. 

That will suffice for the panda’s target audience of toddlers and younger teens, and the film depicts his escapades in beautifully designed Cinemascope animation. 

Po (voiced by Jack Black) is a chubby panda who can hardly get out of bed in the movie. He works in a noodle store for his father, Mr. Ping (James Hong), where he uses Ping’s famed Secret Ingredient. How Ping, who appears to be a stork or other billed member of the avian family, became the father of a panda is a mystery, not least to Po, but the film is full of creatures who don’t seem to notice their differences.

They live in the magnificent Valley of Peace, which also has an ancient temple rising above them, up to thousands upon thousands of steps that Po can hardly climb. But he climbs them, lugging a noodle wagon, for the entire valley has assembled to see the Dragon Warrior’s selection, who will face off against the terrifying Tai Lung (Ian McShane) in kung-fu battle. 

The “Furious Five” is Monkey (Jackie Chan), Tigress (Angelina Jolie), Mantis (Seth Rogen), Viper (Lucy Liu), and Crane (Jackie Chan) (David Cross). Tigress appears to have the potential to cause significant damage, while the others are less than remarkable. Mantis, for an instance, appears to weigh hardly more than one ounce.

All five have been trained (for what seems like an eternity) by the wise Shifu, who, thanks to Dustin Hoffman’s voice, is one of the more dimensional characters in a plot where the others don’t get much. Anyway, it’s up to the ancient turtle temple master Oogway (Randall Duk Kim) to make the final decision, and he chooses — yeah, the hapless and chubby Po.

The tale then devolves into a series of action sequences, which is slightly hampered by the fact that the warriors appear impervious to injury, even when they fall from dizzying heights and smash stones with their heads.

There’s a long fight with Tai Lung on a collapsing suspension bridge (haven’t we seen that before? ), a hand-to-hand-to-tail fight between Po and Tai Lung, and, most all, a frantic competition over a single dumpling.

“Kung Fu Panda” is one of the best-animated flicks. The plot is far too predictable, and Po, to be honest, did not impress me with his charisma. But it’s beautifully drawn, the action moments are high-octane, and the film is short enough that older audiences will forgive it. Of course, all of this is meaningless to the kids, and here they go again.

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