Watch Plan B Online Now (FREE) 1080p


Watch Plan B Online Now (FREE) 1080p

Teen comedy with a raunchy tone can only be as large and real as the heart they dare to wear out in public. Although “Superbad” occasionally has funny sex-related gags, the heart of the movie is the endearing relationship between Seth (Jonathan Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera). 

We fondly appreciate the movie precisely because of the bromance that develops and battles throughout the course of a drunken night in which “I love you man”s and nose-boops are exchanged. The same attitude is revived by actor-turned-director Natalie Morales in her combative and deliciously foul-mouthed debut film, “Plan B,” which would appear to support this statement.

Morales’ film follows in the footsteps of a number of recent female-centric films, including the top-tier studio comedy “Blockers” with a savagely sex-positive message, the wonderfully vivacious “Booksmart,” and to a certain extent, the devastating “Never Rarely Sometimes Always” with its fearless exploration of America’s shameful anti-abortion leanings. Thanks in large part to the acting duo—two unmistakable stars in the making—it accomplishes it with such vitality and distinctiveness.

One of them is the outstanding Kuhoo Verma, who you may remember from her brief but unforgettable cameo in “The Big Sick” as a prearranged match for Kumail Nanjiani.

(“There is truth in it!”) She portrays the proper Sunny, who enjoys masturbating on men’s bodies in the anatomy book and attempting to live up to her successful mother’s high standards while avoiding what she refers to as “The Indian Mafia,” the nosy eyes of her society.

Victoria Moroles, who plays her flaky best friend Lupe, is incomparably charming and the complete antithesis of Sunny in every aspect. Lupe recklessly vapes, wears rebellious attire on purpose to annoy her conventional single dad, and doesn’t care much for her schooling. 

In a parallel montage akin to “Thelma & Louise,” set to Hot Chocolate’s “Everyone’s A Winner,” we learn about the pair and see how different they are from one another. The two misfits have a strong kinship while they are together in the school hallways, a bond that they appear to have cemented in opposition to the class’s stereotypical cruel kids and popular kids.

Watch Plan B Online (Free) 1080p HD

A straight-laced teenager and her slacker close buddy have 24 hours to obtain a Plan B pill in the middle of America after a terrible first sexual encounter.

You don’t have to search for it on Netflix’s official site, you can watch plan B right here that too for free

Released: 2021-06-18

Genre: Comedy

Casts: Michael Provost, Moses Storm, Rachel Dratch, Jacob Vargas, Myha’la Herrold

Duration: 107 min

Country: United States of America

Production: American High, Counterbalance Entertainment

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