Save Our Squad with David Beckham – Review, Release Date

Save Our Squad with David Beckham

 We challenge you to watch the official trailer for Disney+’s Save Our Squad starring David Beckham without getting goosebumps or possibly crying. David Beckham returns to his boyhood home of East London to assist a young set of players in the exact league he once played in to improve themselves both on and off the field in what appears to be a happy tale of underdogs capturing the spotlight and proving themselves as worthy opponents. Find the save our squad release date

Save Our Squad with David Beckham release date on Disney+

Beginning on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, Save Our Squad with David Beckham will be available worldwide on Disney +. a four-part documentary series.

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Save Our Squad with David Beckham- Review

Former England football captain David Beckham serves as a mentor to up-and-coming stars from the East End of London in the Disney Plus series Save Our Squad.

When it premieres on Disney+, Save Our Squad with David Beckham is sure to please soccer lovers everywhere! David Beckham is well-known throughout the world for being more than simply an international football player—soccer, of course, for those fans in America—and for being a fashion star, model, family man, and all-around good guy.

In a new four-part documentary series, the former England captain, who hails from a working-class background in London’s East End, is giving back to the grassroots football that helped make him famous by coaching Westward Boys, a team from his old neighbourhood in East London.

Here is our guide to everything you need to know about David Beckham’s new Disney+Plus series Save Our Squad.

The Westward Boys, a youth soccer team that consistently finishes last in the league, are introduced to us in the trailer as the young guys at the centre of it all. They have been performing so poorly that they are in danger of being demoted, which may mean the end of the adventure the young men have taken together as a team.

The initial few seconds of the teaser show Beckham meeting the team for the first time, with one of the players asking the all-star about his failed penalty shots. Beckham is one of the greatest names in the sport.

The moving and inspiring clip shows Beckham’s work with the children as well as the commitment shown by the coaches who have supported the lads throughout their entire journey.

At practises, classes, and homes where he meets their families and learns about the various aspects of their lives, the legendary player gets to know the team members. A story about optimism, grit, love of the game, and the conviction that nothing is impossible lies at the centre of everything.

A prior teaser provided us with a glimpse of the project’s development, but today’s trailer perfectly captured the emotional journey viewers may anticipate from the series. Producing alongside BAFTA and RTS winners Twenty Twenty is Beckham’s own Studio 99.

Fans will soon be able to discover more about Beckham’s life in a Netflix docuseries directed by Fisher Stevens in addition to seeing him coach the young team. The project will contain interviews with Beckham, his family, friends, and mentors as well as historical footage from the footballer’s multidecade career. With Beckham’s social circle, viewers can anticipate a star-studded cast for the series. No release date has been determined as of yet.

You can see the brand-new Save Our Squad with David Beckham’s Disney video below, and get ready to learn something when the show starts streaming on Disney+ on November 9.

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