The Secrets of Dragon Ball 1 Star: You Need to Know

The Secrets of Dragon Ball 1 Star: You Need to Know

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime series of all time and for good reason. It’s full of action, adventure, comedy, and heart. But did you know that there are some secrets hidden in the first season of the show?

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the secrets of Dragon Ball 1 Star. We’ll talk about the origins of the show, the hidden meanings behind some of the characters and symbols, and some of the things that were changed for the English dub.

So if you’re a fan of Dragon Ball, or if you’re just curious about this classic anime series, then read on!

Dragon Balls are mystical orbs, each containing a specific number of stars (usually 1 to 7). When all seven Dragon Balls are collected and gathered together, they can be used to summon the Eternal Dragon, Shenron (or sometimes Porunga), who has the power to grant any one wish to the summoner.

The number of dragon ball stars corresponds to their level of importance and rarity. The more stars a Dragon Ball has, the more powerful and rare it is. Here’s the breakdown:

Here is the list of Dragon Ball Stars

  1. One-Star Ball: The most common and basic of the Dragon Balls.
  2. Two-Star Ball: A step up in rarity and significance.
  3. Three-Star Ball: A bit rarer than the previous two.
  4. Four-Star Ball: Starting to get into the more uncommon range.
  5. Five-Star Ball: Halfway through the collection, a key Dragon Ball.
  6. Six-Star Ball: Fairly rare and important.
  7. Seven-Star Ball: The most rare and significant Dragon Ball, often considered the most important.

Here are Some of the Secrets about Dragon Ball 1 Star:

  • The number of stars on each Dragon Ball signifies its respective number in the set. There are a total of seven Dragon Balls, each with a different number of stars. The One-Star Dragon Ball is the smallest and weakest of the Dragon Balls, while the Seven-Star Dragon Ball is the largest and strongest.
  • The Dragon Balls star is said to be unbreakable. This was confirmed by Colonel Silver, who dropped a fake Dragon Ball and it didn’t break.
  • The Dragon Balls can only be summoned by a pure-hearted person. This is why Goku was able to summon Shenron to grant his wish to revive Krillin.
  • The Dragon Balls can only be used once every 100 years. This is to prevent people from abusing their power.
  • The Dragon Balls can be scattered across the world. This is why Goku and his friends have to go on a journey to find them all.
  • The Dragon Balls can be destroyed. However, they will eventually regenerate themselves over time

These seven Dragon Balls were created by the Namekian Grand Elder, Guru. Once a wish is granted, the Dragon Balls scatter across the planet and turn into stones for a certain period, making them unusable until they revert to their original state. This system of collecting the Dragon Balls and making wishes is a central theme in the Dragon Ball series, driving many of the plotlines and adventures.

Remember, these stars and Dragon Balls are a fictional concept within the Dragon Ball universe created by Akira Toriyama, and they serve as a significant plot device throughout the various Dragon Ball series and media.

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