National Treasure 3 Review | Release Date | Cast | Trailer

National Treasure 3 Review | Release Date | Cast | Trailer

 Disney finally provided an update on the third installment of the cherished National Treasure series in March after years of protracted development. The long-awaited third film in the series, which stars Nicolas Cage in one of his best portrayals as Benjamin Franklin Gates, is currently in production.

Since the 2007 release of National Treasure: The Book of Secrets, fans have been anticipating the film for a full 14 years. Despite the fact that Cage has recently been drawn to horror films like a duck to water, he will soon be making a comeback to the family-friendly franchise. Despite the fact that viewers don’t know much about the forthcoming film National Treasure 3, there is much to be thrilled about.

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Review of National Treasure 3, 2022

The main protagonists are shown aboard a boat in the 2020 movie poster for Jungle Cruise.

Walt Disney Studios’ live-action divisions aren’t what they used to be. Disney seems primarily content to create live-action versions of their cartoon classics, even if the animation departments are operating at full capacity while other companies like Marvel, Lucasfilm, and PIXAR continue to make excellent films and TV episodes.

However, Jungle Cruise was merely a faint hint that Disney would be returning to the big screen, and a return to Benjamin Franklin’s shrewd crew in National Treasure 3 would only reinforce Disney’s willingness to investigate fresh live-action storylines. When comparing it to the franchises they’ve previously launched, it’s a promising future.

Those who appreciated National Treasure at first will feel a sense of nostalgia for it. The previous installment’s publication was more than ten years ago. With younger viewers back then who are now in a very different stage of life, that is a lot of time to grow a new fan base.

That is very important for creating anticipation for a project because nostalgia is a strong emotion. There is undoubtedly some fan service that could be incorporated into the third installment, which may twist on various theories, but more importantly, there is an understanding that the tone of the originals should be attempted to be matched while adding more innovation to put a spin on that nostalgia.

As of this writing, it has been 18 years since the first National Treasure movie and 15 years since the second. Although National Treasure 3 may be on the way, the wait will only grow longer. Since then, a lot has changed in the film industry.

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Audiences are drawn to emerging technologies, novel storytelling techniques, and various theories. With the help of National Treasure 3, it will be possible to present these tales in a more contemporary manner while still paying tribute to the originals.

Over time, there have been many rumors swirling regarding the plot of the third National Treasure movie, and it’s no secret that there have been many different scripts for the heavily anticipated movie. When it comes to what the third movie will actually be about, the ideas that have been thrown around range from outright brilliant to typically bizarre considering it’s a project involving the one and only Nicolas Cage.

In the past, there have been rumblings about it following Cage searching for the lost city of Atlantis, and even the fountain of youth. However, the latter was used to mixed results in another Disney movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, so it’s unlikely that it’ll appear in National Treasure too.

Cast of National Treasure 3

Nicolas Cage

As – Benjamin Franklin Gates

Jon Voight

As – Patrick Gates

Justin Bartha

Diane Kruger

Harvey Keitel

As – Sadusky

Bruce Greenwood

FAQ of National Treasure 3, 2022

Is National Treasure worth watching?

A fantastic action adventure that is exciting and fun is called National Treasure. Along with Diane Kruger, Harvey Keitel, Sean Bean, and Jon Voight, Nicolas Cage provides a fantastic lead performance.


National treasure 3 release date 2022?

December 14, 2022


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