Amazon Marketing Mix – 7p’s of Marketing Mix

Amazon Marketing Mix - 7p's of Marketing Mix

If you would have noticed, amazon is the more used E-commerce platform all over the world.

This become possible due to the great service provided by Amazon and on the other hand, the amazon marketing mix helped them with formulating the best working techniques and marketing strategy for Amazon.

Before knowing about the marketing mix of amazon, first, we need to know the meaning of marketing mix.

What is Marketing Mix?

The marketing mix is the inculcation of desire or wants in consumers’ eye or you can say marketing or advertising your product efficiently so that it will reach the ultimate customer.

The marketing mix plays a vital role in terms of attracting people towards the product or services. This includes many things like discounts, offers, or another marketing strategy that looks like a benefit for the consumer.

Now you might have since many product brands run advertising campaigns, these ad campaigns bring awareness about the product to the final consumer, and the more effective and creative advertisement you do, the more you get benefited from it.

As marketing becomes a major portion of any product’s growth, so brands are more focusing on product marketing and sales (obviously).

Due to growth of the internet, the competition becomes so tough and now a day if any brand wants to stand out from his competitor then they have to be creative and more specific with their marketing mix techniques and strategics 

Definition  – 

The marketing mix is a tool to present or show your product or services to your targeted audience

In simple words, a marketing mix is a means to spread awareness about your product or service in the market, so that it can reach your targeted audience and thus you can make sales from it.

Now let’s know about the Amazon Marketing Mix which helped Amazon stand out from its competitors.

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7p’s of the amazon marketing mix – 


Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce companies all over the world. 

Now, the First thing of marketing a mix of Amazon is a product. 

As we all know that as e-commerce, Amazon just has to list, its product image on the platform and people tend to buy it from there. 

Amazon has various types of products. For example, third-party products 

Third-party products are products, which means third-party products sold by amazon.

Amazon also has its own products like tablets, Firewall, TV, Kindle extra. 

Amazon also provides digital products and wholesale services to retailers.

Amazon has a Diversified variety of products into its platform, which makes the user very much comfortable and anything searches the platform.


Price is another important factor in Amazon’s marketing mix. 

Because as an audience, we always tend to buy products and an efficient and low-cost rate. 

The price of the commodity is formulated with the cost of production, cost of distribution extra. 

And the best part of Amazon is that it provides the product with a very convenient, read to the audience, which helps the audience to buy the product again, and again from the platform, which ultimately helps Amazon to get customers regularly for different types of products. 

Has Amazon majorly deals with third-party products. The Amazon platform just acts like a middleman to distribute the product to the ultimate customer. 

So, the production cost and Similar types of the cost will be cut down, just Amazon will focus on the distribution cost. 

This leads to listing the products at a very convenient rate to the customer


Nowadays, because of this internet era. 

Promotion plays a vital role in terms of Amazon’s marketing mix because without promotion people will not able to be aware of the product that they have listed on the platform. 

You might have seen many television ads and digital advertising campaigns from Amazon for their offers, for their best deals or for the discounts, etc. This helps the customer to be aware of that offer or discounts. And they tend to visit the site and buy the product which helps them to increase their sales. So I personally, believe promotion plays a vital role in this digital world.


Amazon is an e-commerce platform thus they do not have an exact place or a market instead. They have an application that is accessible to all the people in the world around the world. 

This ultimately makes a wide customer range for that app usages

So, as in a Normal physical shop. It is very hard to reach out to the different location peoples, but as in digital website or app, it is very easy and convenient to Target all the audience over the world, which Amazon is practicing and doing it very well. So, to attract new customers on a regular basis. 


People are also one of the elements of the Amazon marketing mix, amazon really provides a great service to his customer which is why the customer tend to buy the product from amazon again and again.

Mouth publicity also help to get new and more customer to their platforms, this happens only because they have high-quality customer support and best possible service from their end


Process plays a very important role when it comes to customer convenience.

In the case of Amazon, the process of buying a product or returning is very simple and easy to understand by the new customers as well.

Physical evidence

While buying a product from amazon you will get all the evidence and proof which you want to know about the product.

For example – Product size, height, color, images, and customer feedbacks as well.

This helps the customer to be more specific with the product and also build trust amongst the brand.

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Amazon Marketing mix conclusion – 

Although amazon executed a perfect and best working marketing mix strategy, still it wouldn’t be possible without consistency and hard work because from one book retails to World’s largest e-commerce journey is not easy at all.

Still studying the marketing mix strategy of amazon will help us in the better understanding of the market and will give a direction for future generation growth to upcoming entrepreneurs.

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