How To Write SEO Friendly Article For Any Types Of Blog

Here are the top best tips and advice to write SEO friendly articles for types of blog 
If you stay till the end I ensure you that you can write an SEO friendly blog post like a pro

Tip and technique mentioned below will be applicable to any type of blogs or website

How To Write SEO Friendly Article

  • Keywords research 
  • Title
  • Optimize your content
  • Proper formatting
  • Internal linking
  • Meta Description
  • Optimize your Permalink
  • Image Optimization
  • Easy to share
  • Website speed

1. Keywords

Keywords research is one and the only reason why your blog
is not getting ranked or visible on Google.

Without doing any keyword research Google or any other search engine will not be able to identify your content or on which topic your blog is about.

Keyword research means the most searched topic or words on

You should include that keyword in your blog post to make
is SEO friendly article

When Google bot crawls your website it identifies your blog the topic only based on keywords which you have included.

So keywords help search engine to identify your blog topic
and hence will show it on the result when people

Search for that topic or keywords

There are 2 types of keywords –

  •  long-tail keywords
  • short-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords– are the keywords that consist of 3-4 or
even more words. Example– Keto diet for the vegetarian in India

Short tail keywords– are those keywords that consist of 1 or
2 words. Example– keto diet

Short tail keyword and long tail keyword

There are many tools and chrome extension to do keywords
research, some of the tools and extension are mentioned below

  •  Keywordseverwhere
  •  Keyword Surfer
  •  Ubersuggest
  •  Ahrefs
  •  Mozbar
  •  Answerthepublic
  •  Semrush

2. Title 

The title is the only thing matters when it comes to organic
traffic to your blog or website.

Don’t start a blog without having a proper and attractive
title for it.

But, how to optimize your title to make it SEO friendly

The proper word length of the article title is about 8 to 10
words, more than this will not be visible in the search engine. Hence people
will not get any overview of your blog content inside.

Don’t forget to add your main targeted keyword in your blog
title. Only add your main targeted keyword in your title and avoid keyword

Before deciding a title you should analysis it on Google

Type in your keywords and see whether you find a ‘list base’
content or ‘How to’ or any other type of content then set your blog title
according to that.

3. Optimize your content

You might hear from every blog experts that CONTENT IS KING.
Back in the day when I started a blog then I use to write content that doesn’t
make much sense that increases the bounce rate of my blog or even sometimes it
when up to 100%

Then is slowly I started practicing to write relevant and
original content that brings value to my readers. After some time my bounce
rate started decreasing because of my unique writing style and my originality.

Always stick with your way of writing content and improve
yourself every time. In long run, your way of writing will become your identity

But, how to write SEO optimized content

Top tips to write an awesome blog post will help you in writing an optimized content and also build backlink to generate more traffic

Add keyword in your content in a proper way so that it
shouldn’t look like an unwanted keyword added. It should be in flow with your
content and keyword.

Add 1 – 2 keywords only for every 100 words more than that
will come under keywords stuffing. You should avoid multiple keywords in a few

Proper content length is a key to rank in Google, back in
those day people than to write 300 – 400 words content then rank in Google but
now Google become so specific about content length, But content length may
differ from topic to topic. So search your topic on Google and check other
ranking blog’s content length and try to solve more queries and increase content
length so the chance of getting ranked is high.

Mainly add a keyword on the first and last paragraph of your
blog post


4. Proper formatting your blog

Avoid putting an H1 tag everywhere. I use to put H1 tag
everywhere to make it more attractive than after some time I observed other big
blogger and realize that it reduces your blog SEO score.

To properly format your blog post with H1, H2, H3 and make
it more understandable to the readers

Blog Post Format

Always write a blog post like you are writing for the
beginner, explain each and everything. So when every reader visits your blog
they should understand the concept which you try to explain to them.

So, proper heading and subheading help the reader to
understand the concept.

 5  Internal linking

Internal linking means linking your own blog post to another
blog post.

Add a link to your previous blog post in your latest blog so
that is will build a chain of traffic websites. Add as much relevant internal
link as you can, only relevant links, and avoid adding multiple unwanted and
not related links to that blog.

People only click on the link which is relevant to that

Example – When your blog is about Dog Food then you can Dog
care blog link in it but you can’t add a link about the cat blog

When readers visit multiple pages of your blog then your
blog SEO will improve which gives a positive sign for Google.

6. Meta Description

Title and Meta Description

Adding meta description is much and I hope you add meta
description for your blog. But meta description is not all about adding
keywords or copy-pasting a few beginning lines of your article

So, how to optimize your meta description

The meta tag should be a summary of your blog content so that readers will know what is inside the blog and then they click on it. Do
not give a clear idea of what is inside, only provide catchy and hooky description
to make then click

Add keyword in your description and again do not add
multiple keywords

Description length should be between 60 – 150 words

7. Optimize your Permalink

Permalink is the web address of your blog post which will
display on the screen when you visit.


Your permalink should include your main targeted keywords or
you can use your title also in your permalink

Avoid Long or short permalink it should be in a proper the length between 4 – 6 words

Avoid stopping words in your permalink as much you can. Stop
words are just similar like helping words like to, alike, may, etc (link)

You should not avoid stopping words completely you just have
to reduce its usage

Example – how to make a cake to how to make a cake

8. Image Optimization

Do you know the image makes your blog more professional and
attractive? A relevant image can express your blog’s entire blog post.

Try to expand through images so that people will share as
much as can and ultimately it will benefits you.

Provide reader value through your images and if you can then
add an infographic

Add alt text to your images that people can find your images

Compress your image before you add it your blog post thus
reduces your blog size and improves your SEO

9. Easy to share

You can rank on google when your blog gets more traffic.

But how you get free traffic to your blog

You can get an enormous amount of traffic to your blog
through social media. Share your content on social media and make your blog
easy to share

You can use the tool, which is free to use and make
your blog easy to share and also shows how much shares your blog got.

No one wants to put more efforts to share your content, so
when there is a share button on-screen that make things easy and they can
easily share it on one click

10. Website speed

Do you know how much time it takes to load your website?

If you don’t know then you can check it using these tools

  • GTmetrix
  • PageSpeed Insights
  • Pingdom
  • WebPage

Are the tools you can use to find our page speed

 Always use compressed images and avoid adding too
much-unwanted pieces of stuff in your post

Use SEO friendly themes to reduce your blog size and also it
should be mobile-optimize so that mobile users will not face any problem in
using your site.

Conclusion –

I hope the above-mentioned tips and methods are more than
enough to write an SEO friendly article.

You can start a blog from any platform like Blogger, WordPress, Wix 

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But the harsh truth is that only writing an SEO friendly article will not work, you have to build backlinks and you have to promote your
product or website on Social media to get more traffic.

For a beginner, just depending on organic and search engine
traffic will not work and your website will not stay longer. You have to do
whatever you can to get traffic to your blog ( only ethical )

Keep on learn and keep on executing that how you learn
blogging and can become a full-time blogger.

Check your blog 1 to 10 times before publishing it. Add
internal links, add images and videos, keep it conversational, provide value
and just be genuine and clear while writing a blog

Do not compare you with your competitor’s blog just focus on
providing some value to other


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