Link Juice – Definitive Guide

Link Juice - Definitive Guide

Link juice is also known as Link equity in terms of SEO. The link juice means the transfer of value or support from one page to another page. When you get Backlink for your website from another site, then you will get link juice from that site. Link juice is trust passes from a website that helps you to perform well in SEO

Link Juice is the most powerful and important aspect when it comes to Off-page SEO, that is in Backlinks.

Before building backlinks you should know about What is link juice in SEO

Because as you all know Backlinks are the most important factor in Off-page SEO but, If you don’t know that Link juice is the only thing that enhances the process of backlinks without link juice backlinks are of no use

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How to get Link Juice – 

 When one-page links to another page then link juice releases. Link juice helps to build a good reputation on Google search engine, because when you get backlinks from other reputed sites then Google will find your site very trustworthy, and thus you can rank on search engine faster as compared to other sites.

But Link Juice Quantity varies from Site-to-Site 

If you get backlinks from the bigger website then you will get more link juice and if you get backlinks from smaller websites then you will less link juice.

This Link juice ultimately affects the ranking factor in the search engines.

That’s why it is always beneficial to build backlinks from the reputed and bigger site, but it’s ok to build backlinks from a small site as well because Google will still find your website relevant.

How does link juice work? 

Link juice flows from the website it is linking to. Link juice is evenly distributed amongst all the websites. 

Have a look at the image for a better understanding.

Link Juice works differently for different types of link – 

#1 Dofollow link –

Do-follow is the default state of a link, which means, simply linking out the site

As you can see Website X is linking to websites Y and Z. The link juice is flowing from Website X and it is evenly distributed amongst websites Y and Z by 50% each. Link juice flows evenly only if links are Do-follow backlink

Link Juice in seo

#2 Nofollow Link –

No-follow links are the link which is ignored by Google and a no-follow link does not pass any link juice to other sites. No-follow link restricts the link juice, go through to images for a better understanding

As you can see website X is linking to website Y, Z. But link juice is only distributed amongst websites Y. As website Z has a no-follow attribute thus link juice will not flow on that site.

          Link Juice in seo

Do no-follow links pass link juice? And Why?

No, the No-follow link does not pass link juice because the no-follow attribute restricted google to make a count. 

This no-follow attribute does not allow google bots to follow the link. Only people who visit your site can follow and visit the link but google does not count this as a link.

The no-follow link will not help you to increase page ranking and in any part of SEO, it just works as a reference link was it help to read to know more about the topic

Thus, Nofollow links do not pass link juice


Why Website uses No-follow Links? 

The website uses the rel=” no follow” attribute to avoid spammy links or spammy content websites.

They just don’t want to waste their link juice to any spammy website or any random website content which are not worthy for them

What are the factors that affect Link Juice?

Factors that affect link juice

  • Position of the link
  • Page Authority
  • Domain Authority
  • Relevancy
  • Number of links ( avoid link stuffing )

Avoid Using too many links in your blog post because when a reader read any blog article they only want to know more about some particular or topic related content 

The more link you have on your site, the lesser link juice passes on each link

So, if you insert too many links in your article then the link juice will spread out amongst all the link in your article 

The reader will click on only those links which he wants to know about and the rest of the link juice which is spread amongst them will be less useful as compared to those links which are more click by the reader. More links are directly connected with the reduction of link juice

So better try to get links from the relevant site and keep it limited as possible so that when people click on it then you can utilize the full link juice

Let’s assume – You are visiting a page and you see there is a link on almost every alternate word, Do you click on every link?

If you are the kind of guy like me then the answer will be NO

So the link juice on the unclicked links will be less useful.

How Link Juice gets created?

Link juice can be created for any page or for any website. If you create link juice for your page then your page authority will be increased and that page will be in a better position in the Google search engine.

If you create a backlink for your whole website then link juice will be distributed amongst all the pages in your blog this will lead to an increase in your Domain Authority ( Website authority ). Your website ranking in the Search engine will improve.

How to Increase Link Juice?

The best way to increase link juice is to create/build backlinks, but for that, you need to learn how to build backlinks.

Another easy and amazing way to boost your link juice is by internal linking.

Internal linking makes your page easier to engage with readers only if you have relevant links on it, irrelevant pages link makes no sense, and thus the reader will have a bad visiting experience.

The power of internal linking inculcates a curiosity amongst the reader to know more about that topic.

Final Thought – 

At the end of the day quality of the content matters the most. Quality content means proper length, images, video, etc ( To serve a good user experience )

Link juice in SEO plays an important role even if most people don’t know about it

Leave your thoughts and what I have missed in this blog post ( your queries ) in the comment, I will talk to you there

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