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What are Backlinks? How to Get Backlinks In 2020 (Step-by-Step Guide)

Backlinks are very essential for a blog to rank higher in Google or other search engines like yahoo, bing, etc.

According to moz.com backlink is a vote that is given by one website to others, if you have more number of backlinks that means Google algorithms feels that your content is worth it for the user that’s why people linking to your site and your ranking in the search engine will automatically increase


creating backlinks is not an easy process to takes a lot of time and effort.

What are backlinks? (in simple words)


Backlinks mean linking one site to another site. Backlinks are the most important factor that affects ranking your blog or website.

Backlinks are the only thing which comes into mind when we here off-page SEO and it is the most famous term in the world of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

In the beginner when you start blogging, backlinks seems to be one of the toughest things but as time pass and you learn new thing and learn more about SEO ( ON-PAGE SEO and OFF-PAGE SEO )

You will able to understand and create backlinks as nothing but it really requires too much effort and patience.

As if you are a beginner you may have many queries regarding Backlinks.

But, I am here to solve your almost every query regarding backlinks
and I hope this will help you to learn
 What are backlinks and how to create it?

The whole backlink process is totally based on Link Juice ( link Equity )

Let’s see

What is link juice?

Link juice

see the image for better understanding

Whenever you get links from any other sites then that site will release a juice to your site and your chance of getting rank in the search engine is likely high as compare to the sites which has not backlinks thus link juice.

Link juice is a very important factor when it comes to SEO or backlinks.
It basically serves the vote of confidence for your site by Google or any other search engine.

Our first priority is to earn votes of confidence from other authorized sites. Thus Google will trust on us and help us to rank in search engine 

High link juice = High on Search engine 


by Do-Follow Links and No-Follow Links 

Do-follow and No-follow links

No-Follow LinksNo-Follow links are those links that do not pass link juice to your site. Thus No-Follow links do not contribute anything to your blog or website. Ranking or vote for your blog or website will not increase at all.

Do-Follow Links – Do-Follow links are those links which pass link juice and these links help you to increases your ranking in search engine. Do-Follow links are by default links unless to change it has a No-Follow links 

Anchor Text – Anchor text is the text which is visible and on which hyperlink of any other site or document is linked. Anchor text is basically in blue underlined formed by default unless you change it.

Internal Linking – Internal Linking is a process in which one blog post is interlinked to another blog post under the same domain 

Quality Links – Quality links are the links which you get from the same industry of blogger. These links are more relevant as it is from the same niche it industry. 

For Example– If your niche is related to fishes then you should get backlinks from the website which is also related to fishes 

Quantity Links – These are links either from some different industry links or from low or medium domain authority links.

Quantity links are more likely to consider as the link which is just form increase the number of links for your blog or website.

Why Backlinks are necessary for your website?

There are plenty of benefits of creating backlinks but most important benefits which our primary motive for which we started blogging are as follow –

#1. Search engine ranking

When Google bots crawl any site which is linked to your website and if it is relevant links then google will be considered it as a quality link and feel content worthy that another site is linked to your website. Google will ultimately improve your website ranking.
To avail this ranking benefits you need to get quality links ie. from the same niche websites like if your niche is a dog and you build backlinks from technology website then these backlinks are of no use.

#2. Traffic
It’s an obvious thing that how much quality backlinks we have that much referral traffic we get 
Once a reader crawl your blog and bounce to another site through links 
These voluntary readers who bounce to another site will likely spend more time on your blog because they find your blog more relevant.

How to Build Backlinks?

If you see there are plenty of ways to create quality backlinks but I will be sharing with you only those ways which I personally use and I believe in that. Those ways are fully legal and free in an organic way.
let’s get start from 
#1. Amazing content
As you all know content is king. So your content should be of high quality that is when a reader reads your articles they should be able to see your efforts and hard work behind that content creation which build mutual respect and trust on to your content 
You have to solve the majorly asked queries regarding your niche or blog post.
Have your own blog writing style that expresses yourself.
Don’t copy-paste others content on the web, you can reference from it and write your own content 
Here are the best free tools to get unlimited content ideas and common queries of public
#2. Broken links
Broken links are the link to the website which is no more exists. Whenever an existing blog post or a website is deleted by the created or get banned or any other issues then your blog or website is not totally deleted from the search engines the links of the website or blog still exist but you can’t open it as they are already get deleted.
It will show you a 404 error on the landing page of the web.
How can you build backlinks from Broken links?

You can redirect that deleted website traffic to your existing blog post or website of similar niche or else it will be of no use
You won’t be able to create quality backlinks
Let’s suppose you find a Broken website related to dogs and you redirect that website in your cat-related website, this will be of no use 
You have to create Broken links on the same or related topic which shows some relevancy to people who visit that site.

#3. Internal linking

The internal link means linking one page to another page of your same website

As you can above both links are from my website only and if you are in need of this kind of content then you will click on it for additional information, this is how internal links works
But, you can insert any links of your links to an irrelevant page of yours.
Example- If you are a Blog is about best places to visit in India then you can’t create an internal link of best Smartphone to buy, this is totally irrelevant 
So better to you build links on best Travelling bags to buy which is called as Quality links 
Because when people are visiting your blog they want information related to traveling rather than any electronic products, people will only click on the topic which they want yo know about
#4. Promote your content on Social Media
You might think promoting on social media will bring traffic but how it creates a backlink 
Before getting into that is will explain to you how social media help you to expand your brand or company.
Social media plays a major role when it comes to online business it even for an offline business.
By using social media you can interact with anyone no matter with country, state, etc, no need to make an appointment to talk to any person 
I think now you can guess where I’m going
If you already guessed leave me a comment ill caught you there.
You can interact with the person in the same niche and can share the content of yours and if he likes he will definitely link out your site in his blog
It is not an overnight work for that you have to be active on whatever social media you want to use 
Like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Quora, and many more


 So backlinks are absolutely necessary if you want to get traffic to your blog or to your website. Google search engine traffic is a very powerful source of getting traffic however just putting content out there is not enough you actually need backlinks, in fact, it’s the number one factor for Google’s decisions to rank your page for a particular search term

I hope the above information is very much useful to you
Thank you!

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